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Revamp those Christmas left-overs

christmas leftovers dani valent Christmas cooking quantities are cause of considerable consternation. Before the big day you’re asking, “Is this enough?” as you picture hungry great-aunts and hollow-legged teens looking askance at empty platters. Afterwards, you realise there was way too much food (just like there was last year and the year before that). Now, it’s all about what you do with the leftovers. Here are some ideas.

11 delicious no-cook plates to bring to a party

It’s on. That party, the picnic, that “we have to catch up” get together. Yes, you’re looking forward to it – except for one thing. There’s that scary question you have to ask: “What can I bring?” There’s a danger that they won’t say, “Bring a few beers or some wine.” What if they say, “Oh, just a little plate of something”? You barely have time to get dressed let alone whip up a pavlova. But it doesn’t need to be a major stress. Bring-a-plate success is as easy as smart shopping and these summery no-cook solutions that will ensure you’re invited back.

Talking making & growing food from scratch on ABC Afternoons

I love dropping into 774 ABC Melbourne to chat to Clare Bowditch about food. This week we talked growing and making food from scratch. Clare was under the misapprehension that I was going to shower her audience with gardening tips. I had to dispel that rumour pretty fast and come clean about my very, very pale green thumb.

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