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Membership gives you complete access to my inspiring and ever-growing recipe and video library.

You’ll be trying new things, banishing what’s-for-dinner boredom, upskilling yourself and amazing everyone around you with the delicious and exciting things you’ve created in your Thermomix.

Really? Yep! See what members say. Wondering what you’ll get? See what’s in the library and check out the free videos to get a taste.

Benefits of joining:

  • more than 150 videos and recipes + new content every week
  • cool Thermomix techniques to keep you motivated and excited
  • all kinds of dishes, including savoury and sweet, gluten-free and vegetarian
  • family meals and special occasion dishes
  • cocktails!
  • inspiring guest chefs and cooks
  • perfect for experienced Thermomix users and Thermo-newbies
  • annual membership just A$1.71/week (US$1.31/week)

See you on the inside :)

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That special Thermomix owner in your life will love a gift membership to Dani Valent. A gift subscription entitles the receiver to one year’s access to the ever-expanding library of recipes and videos. See what’s in the library. Will they really like it? Yes! See what subscribers are saying.

  • Perfect for Thermo-newbies (lots of easy recipes and tips)
  • Excellent for experts (Dani finds out what star chefs are up to with their Thermomix!)
  • Delicious recipes and entertaining videos

An annual membership gives one year’s access to the complete recipe and video library plus new content every week. See what’s in the library.

It’s the best way to get value from Dani Valent and, of course, from the Thermomix. See what members say.

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Christmas In July

July 16th, 2018|0 Comments

Australia's Christmas is in summer so stories of Santa's sleigh zooming through snowy forests are a faraway fantasy. Many Australians still pine for a white, wintry Christmas though, so the concept of 'Christmas in July' is quite popular. I've put together a warming and festive menu to suit. Make merry and enjoy!


June 28th, 2018|0 Comments

Is there anything better than soup? I could live on it. Soup is a sustaining staple in every culture, versatile, economical, nourishing and - when done well - very delicious. Here are some of my favourites.

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