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This week’s radio chat was all about pasta, prompted by a couple of memories that snuck in when thinking about my last trip to Italy.

First was the time in a Piedmont farmstay when I was trusted to help with the agnolotti for a wedding party. I was so nervous and so honoured! Watching the experts was very humbling: practiced hands working with gentle precision, guided by feel as much as by eye.

The second memory was of a stunning meal at Osteria Francescana, the restaurant of Massimo Bottura in Modena. At the time, the restaurant was ranked number 2 in the world; a few months later it was named best in the world. One of the playful dishes there was called ‘The crunchy part of the lasagne’ and it celebrates the sneaking of the crunchy, over-cooked bit in the corner of everyone’s favourite pasta bake. Here’s Massimo holding the Italian flag pasta sheet it’s made from.

Massimo Bottura showing me his lasagne sheet at Osteria Francescana












Listen in to the pasta chat below with host Jacinta Parsons and our lovely talkback audience.


There’s much mention of gnocchi in the chat. Check out my recipe.



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