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Cooking Tips & Planning Ideas

Radio Chat – I Chat ‘Death of the Dinner Party’ on 3RRR’s Eat It

I dropped into 3RRR's weekly Eat It show to talk about dinner parties - if we have them, how do we do them, and if we don't, what's stopping us? This is a pretty big topic that I'm diving into with great interest. We also preview my new Signature Dish Series, exclusive behind-the-scenes events in top restaurants.

Radio Chat – Desk Lunch, Work Lunch and Crumpets for Elevenses

Every couple of weeks, I drop into ABC Radio Melbourne to chat about what I've been eating, cooking and learning. This time, host Richelle Hunt and I chatted about lunch - how important is it to take the time to get away from your work station to eat, move, and communicate face-to-face. It's not possible for everyone, but I think it's great if you can carve out the time for a proper lunch break.

Mother’s Day Menu

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to mean burnt toast in bed and bad soap from school stalls. If you are a mum, you can steer the family towards these menu suggestions, and if you have a mum, please enjoy these suggestions for Mum-friendly Thermomix dishes and tasty gifts that keep on giving. Of course, a Dani Valent membership is a gift that will bring joy and inspiration for a whole year.

Radio Chat – Too many zucchinis (and a bit about child obesity)

I love dropping into ABC Radio Melbourne to chat about what I've been eating, cooking and learning. This time, I came in to talk about gluts, those times when you just have too much of something and need to deal with it QUICK. But host Richelle Hunt had been talking about a new program to try to help teens with obesity and the topic kind of took over the show, so we chatted about that too. It's a fraught issue and there are no easy answers.

Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year (or Chinese New Year) is one of the world's great annual celebrations. How big? Well, in China people are expected to take around three billion journeys as they travel to join family for festivities. The shebang begins on Thursday February 15, with the Year of the Dog starting the following day, and celebrations continuing for 23 days. Special 'lucky' foods are eaten during this period, sometimes because of their colour (red is lucky) and often because their name is a homonym for words such as 'luck', 'prosperity', 'wealth'.

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