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Hospo Resources for COVID-19

This page is to assist hospo businesses and workers with resources that might be useful as we all try to navigate a COVID-19 worldscape. Inclusion does not necessarily equal endorsement. If you are looking for something that’s not here, please ask.



Food Chat – Butcher Gary McBean Talks Pork

Master butcher Gary McBean helps us get a fork around pork in this informative ‘meat chat’. Learn what to do which which part of the pig and how to get the best crackling


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OS Workers Resources

This page is to assist overseas workers in Australia on working visas who have lost jobs or reduced hours due to COVID-19. I am a food writer who cares about your plight. I am not qualified to give you legal advice. Please use this page as a starting place. I can take no responsibility for your actions or the consequences that may arise from them. I wish you all the best and I want you to know that many people care about your situation!



Creamed Corn

When I think ‘vegetables’ and ‘comfort’ it’s not long before I think of creamed corn. Once heated, the starches in corn kernels thicken, turning the mixture into a creamy yellow custard. It’s delicious by itself with butter, as a side dish for sausages or grilled meats, and as a comfy bed for roasted or steamed vegetables.

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New recipe on my site... Creamed corn. There's one ingredient... 🌽 You too can have a butter berg subsiding into a big bowl of golden goodness. Supremely comforting from-scratch cooking. ...

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"COVID skyrocketed my career and I'll always be thankful for it," says @rosheen_

For today's @goodfoodau cover story on pandemic silver linings I spoke to dozens of hospitality people around the state.

It's been a year that pushed Victoria's restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs to the brink. But bright spots have emerged that may change dining forever.

Link in bio.

Pic @ejimphoto

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All this week and next on my @dirtylinenpodcast I'm discussing anti-Asian racism. Thank you to my first four guests: @seekaychin @nihilistnomya @blurry.food and @khanhong. I appreciate your perspectives, strength, clarity and generosity.

I am appalled that we need to discuss racism but I think we do because it's pervasive and damaging and utterly wrong and unfair. It's not easy though. I don't like the flattening nature of calling it "Asian". I feel bad to lay the weight of this topic on people who have already done the labour of dealing with this shit. I don't come to these conversations with any illusion about my position - privileged with a voice and platform, sometimes careless and ignorant and also trying to listen harder, do better and be better.

As a Jew in Australia with sad, pervasive Holocaust connections, I grew up knowing that people sometimes want to harm other people just because of who they are, who they can't help being. It feels very, very bad and can be crippling. But I'm not visibly "Jewish" - I can disengage from that part of myself if I feel like it. That's also a privilege.

Anyway, it's full on doing this stuff but it feels like a good thing to do so here we are. If you want to be part of the conversation, let me know.


Link in bio.

Thanks to my production compadres @foodwinedine @huckstergram @deepintheweedspodcast 🙏

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Sea succulent tabouli by @simonewatts_chef 👏 See stories / highlights for the herby rundown. Red wheat from @tuerongfarm. Fig leaf dressing from heaven. Thanks for bringing a picnic, Simone! Loving my #morningtonpeninsula Easter ❤️ ...

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@mossywillowfarm only sells what they grow right there in front of you. It's my kind of concept store.

Going to blister these up for a before dinner snack and see how spicy we get 🧑‍🚒

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Have a good Easter guys and stay safe! Last year we were in lockdown 😶 This year we aren't, though millions of people around the world are locked down or severely restricted... France, Slovenia, Austria, parts of Canada...PNG is in trouble, Brazil is awful... And Brisbane was in lockdown just this morning 😳 and the poor Blues Fest 😭

This ain't over. But I'm so grateful for what we can do this long weekend and how we can gather together.

My mottos are along the lines of: Love big, be safe, stay kind, check in to venues like a maniac, be glad when glad is there to be had and save a bit of glad for when it's hard. Oh and eat all the things!



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An agglomeration of herbaceous greens. Ornamental border at St Kilda Botanical Gardens grown from curly parsley and flat parsley. It looks pretty and smells delightful but if you listen closely you can hear the flatleaf getting all uppity. "I'm cooler than you,," it sneers at the curly. But the curly retorts with confident menace: "I'm coming back, just you wait." ...

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Chag Pesach Sameach! The Jewish festival of Passover starts tonight. Jews forego anything with leavening (yeast) to commemorate the hurried escape from Egypt. Therefore: matzo, an unleavened cracker, eaten as is or crumbled and dumplinged to make classic matzo ball soup.

My version is not quite traditional, incorporating flavours of Vietnamese pho. I guess it's faux matzo ball soup then? I cooked this at a Jewish festival a couple of years ago and people literally gasped at my heresy but everyone agreed it tasted good 😅

Recipe for this comforting cultural mash-up via link in bio.

Pic by @arwens_thermo_pics 🙏

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It was a week ago that I ate at @atticasummercamp and I reckon I've thought about this potato for at least 15% of the time since. Grown locally, cored like an apple, rotisserie-grilled, basted so the skin turns into crackling, spillingly creamy inside. Radical simplicity is probably my favourite cuisine. Huge congrats to @benshewry @kystadds and the team for this generous incarnation of the Attica spirit. #potato ...

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"In Mumbai, vada pav is the OG street food," says Payal from @burgershurgerelsternwick. I was happy to smash this veg patty party and a bunch of other snacks for @victoriatogether and @melbfoodandwine. "Melbourne's Best Snacks" is a tour, a hitlist, a celebration - find it via together.vic.gov.au. Illo @beciorpin 🤤😍 ...

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Bulalo fried rice, course 6 of 8 (or was it 80? 🤤🤪) in an extra tasty and fun collab dinner by @rossmagnaye and @j_hnrivera at @chibogau the other night.

I love a dish that you have to get involved in...Scrape bone marrow into fried rice, stir it all around with the tripe and the oxtail and let it glow and gleam in fatty glory. If you've never thought of rice as juicy before, this is your game changer.

And then...if you're @sweet.cora.cakes from @entree.pinays you take that bone and use it as a shot glass - see my story 🥳

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Alan and Kon from @asrc1 either side of @ahedakitchen, the Palestinian powerhouse grandmother whose baba ganoush, green falafel, sayadieh samak and baklava wowed 150 people at last night's @feast_for_freedom. The other chef, @tukatukakothurotiman was awesome too!

This rollicking banquet for 150 was hosted by @beciorpin and @raphrashid as a prototype mega dinner party, launching Feast for Freedom, an annual ASRC fundraiser and conversation starter.

Research by the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre found that many people want to show support for refugees but they're not sure how. People also want to talk to family and friends about their hopes for a fairer go for refugees but they find those conversations difficult.

Feast for Freedom is a joyful attempt to fix both issues by enabling shared meals in homes around the country. Sign up @feast_for_freedom and you'll get recipes generously shared by refugees and people seeking asylum in our community, conversation starter cards (very clever & thought-provoking) and a personal fundraising page. Basically, you cook & eat to do good - ace, yeah?

#feastforfreedom #refugeeswelcome #timeforahome #hometobilo

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