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Perfect Cheesecake’s Secret Ingredient

Life goes better with Basque cheesecake, a lockdown #2 love affair. I became obsessed with this cake about five years ago when I ate it in San Sebastian at La Viña pintxos bar. It was perilously wobbly and jiggly, somehow both light and rich, creamy white and custardy within but with a bitter edge from the dark, caramelised perimeter. I mumbled, “It’s a miracle,” and I meant it.


Mums Day Post Montage(3)

Mother’s Day Menu

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to mean burnt toast in bed and bad soap from school stalls. If you are a mum, you can steer the family towards these menu suggestions, and if you have a mum, please enjoy these suggestions for Mum-friendly dishes and tasty gifts that keep on giving.



Zhoug Salmon Salad(edited)

Zhoug & Salmon Salad

I love a big meal-sized salad! Flavoured with green chilli paste, this steamed salmon salad is healthy, flexible and easy to prepare

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  • The striptease that made unlikely friends of Todd McKenney and Shane Jacobson
    By Dani Valent July 29, 2022 — 3.59pm , register or subscribe to save articles for later. Dancing with the Stars judge Todd McKenney, 57, met Shane Jacobson, 52, when he choreographed the actor’s televised striptease. Despite their differences –…
  • Small Axe Kitchen review
    Is there a more iconic brunch sight than an oozing yolk, a lazy spill of golden eggy sunshine? I think not. And yet, at Small Axe, a six-year-old cafe in Brunswick, they nevertheless manage to elevate an icon into something approaching true…
  • Cumulus Inc brunch review
    This might sound strange but when I heard last week that Flinders Lane's Gimlet had been voted onto the annual World's 50 Best Restaurants list at an exciting (if innumerate) 84, I thought immediately of Cumulus Inc, the dining room further up the…


Baghali Polow Ba Mahiche (Broad Bean Pilaf with Lamb Shanks) is one of the majestic main courses in Salamati: Hamed's Persian Kitchen, the upcoming cookbook by @hamedsfood, co-written by me.

It's a gorgeous book! Hamed's food is delicious and soulful and his story is compelling.

📷 Photography @armellehabib
🍲 Styling @lee_blaylock
📚 Publisher @janemorrow.

Preorder now at @booktopiabooks: link in bio!


Melbourne, this is for you! ❣️

Fifteen epic lasagnas to choose from.
Order by Monday night.
Delivery on Thursday.
World Lasagna Day on Friday*

*Every day is good for lasagna

Supporting @fareshare_australia with every purchase.

Link in bio!

Or cookaborough.com/lasagna-love-in


Small Axe’s breakfast pasta is the upshot when bacon and eggs on toast take a trip from Melbourne to southern Italy and back again.

Maccaruni - a slinky twist of pasta - stands in for toast. It’s tossed with crisped guanciale (cured pork jowl, subbing for bacon), peas and mint, then topped with salted ricotta and a slow-cooked egg.

The diner destroys the egg, prompting the yellow lava flow, then tumbles the elements to create a sticky mess of carbs and salted pig, simple indeed yet sublime for sure.

Today's Sunday Age review @theageaustralia

#brunswick #melbournefoodie
#melbourneeats #melbournecafe #melbournecafes #melbournerestaurants

This might sound strange but when I heard recently that Flinders Lane's @gimlet.melbourne had been voted onto the annual @theworlds50best Restaurants list at an exciting (if innumerate) 84, I thought immediately of @cumulusinc, the dining room further up the hill.

Both restaurants are part of @traderhouse_, the restaurant and provedore collective owned by Melbourne chef @chef_andrewmcconnell and his wife @jomcgann. (Cutler & Co, Marion, Meatsmith, Morning Market, Supernormal and Builders Arms Hotel are the other venues.)

Gimlet, which opened (closed, opened) in 2020, deserves accolades: the grand corner dining room makes an event of the merest slice of bread, and the offering is sweeping, confident, celebratory. It's just that Cumulus Inc feels to me like the spry stayer whose shoulders Gimlet stands upon to preen and shine.

Read my full @goodfoodau review via link in bio...I loved writing it.


People often ask me what the point of restaurant criticism is these days. I think it's about context, accuracy and the craft of writing. It's journalism - in the most serious (& joyous) sense of the word - applied to restaurants.

It's about respecting the art and industry of restaurants, the investment and appetite of diners and the time and trust of readers. It should always be anchored in place. It's my opinion and perspective, sure, but it's not about me.

That's what I'm aiming for, not saying I get there, but that's the goal. I welcome all the voices. They help me strive to do better every time I sit at my desk.

#melbournerestaurants #melbourne #melbournefoodie #melbournefood #melbourneeats #fridayreflections

Pic @earlcarterstudio

EPIC final menu for Lasagna Love-In is GO 💥💥💥

Order from

Every order supports @fareshare_australia 💞

Orders close Monday night.
Delivery pickup Thursday July 28.
World Lasagna Day Friday July 29.

Delivery is 12K from Abbotsford. We also have lots of pickup depots around Melbourne ❤️

Powered by @cookaborough

Link in bio or cookaborough.com/lasagna-love-in


Martabak mesir, spiced beef rendang tossed with egg then squished between roti and grilled.

Golden crunch gives way to rich, braised coconutty meat and scrambly softness. It's among the most delicious morsels I've eaten this year.

They have a chicken version too.

Get it at @dalelapau_therendangspecialist. More in my stories/highlights.

#minang #padang #rendang #westsumatra #Bukittinggi #camberwell #melbournerestaurants

Pandemic Leave $750 isolation payment will be reinstated. Applications reopen Wednesday. Link in bio.

Eligibility for the payment will be backdated to 1 July 2022, to ensure that anyone unable to work owing to isolation requirements in this period, without access to paid sick leave, is supported.

Access to these payments will commence from Wednesday 20 July, with existing eligibility requirements to continue.

Vic businesses: ventilation grants have reopened. Link in my story. Keep staff and customers safer by cleaning your indoor air.

This cheese-obsessed indoor-outdoor cafe is in an industrial park in Melbourne's northern suburbs. it's a place to showcase cheese made on site, as well as a heartfelt expression of hospitality.

“We want to treat people like our friends, as though they are coming to our house,” says owner Giorgio Linguanti. That’s the vibe, for sure, but the food offering goes way beyond the domestic.

Must try:
- antipasto
- panini
- porchetta
- cannoli 💯💯💯💯💯💯

#melbournefoodie #melbournefood #melbourne #melbournerestaurants #melbournecafe #melbournerestaurant #cheese #cheeselover #cheeselovers

Leonie Upstairs is a lounge-y sake bar that also serves temaki (cone-shaped sushi hand rolls) and other snacks. It's such a cool place: poised, cosy and spirited.

This is their spin on Mont Blanc, a French dessert named after the mountain. In its traditional form, chestnut puree is extruded to build vermicelli-like squiggles into a peak; whipped cream "snow" is piped atop.

Leonie Upstairs makes its mountain ($19) out of mochi (sweet glutinous rice cake) and pavlova, taking Mont Blanc to Mount Fuji and then swooping to, I don't know, Mount Hotham, perhaps.

The chestnut is piped at the table in a theatrical flourish so that the threads have the pleasing lightness of just-fallen snow.


Read my full @goodfoodau review via link in bio.

#melbourne #melbournefoodie #melbournefood #melbournerestaurants #melbournerestaurant #japanesefood #sake #sakebar


I've partnered with @cookaborough and some of Melbourne's best and most passionate lasagna makers for Lasagna Love-In. Link in bio.

For three weeks in July, we're delivering baked pasta perfection to your door so you can have a cosy time eating, enjoying and trying different lasagnas. It's exactly what July was made for!

The culmination of our Love-In is World Lasagna Day (July 29, delivery to you on July 28) when we'll be providing a veritable LASAGNA FEAST from a bunch of lasagna lovers.

Whether you call it a lasagna taste test, a lasagna investigation, or simply a LASAGNA LOVE-IN, this is one lasagna party that you want to be part of.

Lasagna Love-In is the latest iteration of my Cooks & Chefs Series, special events that shine a light on fab local feeders.

Week 1 (open now):

Lasagna Lab - including an exclusive vegetarian lasagna with cabbage & taleggio.

Menu opens on Wednesday 6th July
Menu closes on Tuesday 12th July
Delivery on Thursday 14th July

Week 2:

1800 Lasagne - the first time EVER that their lasagnes will be delivered cold for you to heat up to your own delicious desires.

Menu opens open Wednesday 13th July
Menu closes on Tuesday 19th July
Delivery on Thursday 21st July

Week 3 (clear the fridge & freezer for...):


Menu opens on Monday 18th July
Menu closes on Monday 25th July
Delivery on Thursday 28th July

Link in bio!

* Link in bio *

Marcia Jolley was at a low ebb after losing her husband when she met Syrian refugee Nayran Tabiei, her husband Majid and daughter Elyanoura almost a decade ago. She liked their company - "they are so nice and so giving" - and they made friends.⁠

"Straight away, she opened the door to us as a family," says Tabiei, 52. "It was very surprising to us, for someone from Australia to accept us, respect us."⁠

But as Dani Valent reveals in today's Good Weekend magazine, what impressed Jolley, 81, was their attitude as they started here from nothing – in Damascus, Tabiei was rich, with a Mercedes in her garage before it was bombed, but the family arrived in Australia "barefoot, with nothing". Jolley, who used to work as a cook in outback shearing sheds, hadn't known much about refugees until they met.⁠

"I'm going to adopt you as my daughter," she told Tabiei, whose mum had passed away when she was six. Now, as Tabiei says, "I have someone to remember me every night, someone to call when I have something to tell."⁠

They talk, laugh, play cards, and cook for each other – Tabiei runs the Flavours of Syria cafe in Melbourne's St Kilda. She was able to turn to Jolley when a mysterious request accompanied her first catering order: "Someone told me, 'Bring to the barbie some nibblies.' I asked her, what is 'nibblies' and what is 'barbie'?"⁠

"Now I know."⁠

Read more in Saturday’s Good Weekend, or visit the link in our bio.⁠
@goodweekendmag @flavours_of_syria⁠

Story by @danivalent⁠
Photograph by @simonschluter⁠
#goodweekendmag #twoofus #friendship
Reposted from @theageaustralia

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