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Hospo Resources for COVID-19

This page is to assist hospo businesses and workers with resources that might be useful as we all try to navigate a COVID-19 worldscape. Inclusion does not necessarily equal endorsement. If you are looking for something that’s not here, please ask.


Hot Desserts

Warming Winter Desserts

Let’s make winter sweet! I’ve gathered together some of my favourite puddings, pies, desserts and cakes for you here. Make them for a special occasion, because you DEFINITELY deserve a treat or as a fun cooking project.


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OS Workers Resources

This page is to assist overseas workers in Australia on working visas who have lost jobs or reduced hours due to COVID-19. I am a food writer who cares about your plight. I am not qualified to give you legal advice. Please use this page as a starting place. I can take no responsibility for your actions or the consequences that may arise from them. I wish you all the best and I want you to know that many people care about your situation!



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♨️ Huge week on the podcast, in my town, and in life all around me. It's one of those weeks when Monday seems SO LONG AGO!

Thank you to each of my guests for your openness, insights, heartfelt words and empowering thoughts and strategies. Melbourne is better for having you in it.

@hannahjosephinegreen @etta_melbourne @chefdavestewart @ascotfoodandwine @deniseabhyasa @sampinzone @thelefthandedchef 🙏❣️💪

⚡ Produced by @foodwinedine for @deepintheweedspodcast 👁️👂 Link in bio or 😃

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It's not going to be easy but I reckon we can do this together, Melbourne, especially if we stay kind and patient.


For people elsewhere who think this is a Melbourne thing... Ummm, it's not. Be careful, follow the guidelines, this thing can get out of hand very quickly.

Lockdown #2 is especially bad for visa holders, many of whom had picked up some shifts they'll now lose, or who were hanging on for the next easing to get their jobs back. Another six weeks of lockdown and more uncertainty is a big blow.

Visa holders aren't able to access their super this financial year (residents are). Visa holders don't get JobKeeper or JobSeeker. The JobKeeper review - released soon - is an opportunity to include these vulnerable taxpayers who have been left out in the cold. More than ever, I think we are understanding the links between poverty and COVID. Why make it worse?


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He was one day in front of the curve. @chefdavestewart shut @ascotfoodandwine yesterday. In this no-holds-barred ep, Dave reveals he's been so anxious about steering his business through the pandemic that he called an ambulance one night thinking he was having a heart attack. We spoke about leftover milk, lockdown islands, business and sanity preservation, and the fish-of-the-day revival he hopes is on the other side of this. And after we talked, he zoomed north to get over the NSW border...

@dirtylinenpodcast @deepintheweedspodcast link in bio and

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From the Premier just now.

191 cases
35 in hospital
9 in intensive care

Metro Melb has unsustainable numbers, cannot suppress and contain without taking significant steps. It will spiral out of control. We have to be realistic about the circumstances we confront. This is not over. Pretending it's over because we want it to be over is part of the problem. We have a chance to change that. We are on the cusp of something very bad.


Stage 3 stay at home restrictions are effective midnight tomorrow night for 6 weeks. There's no alternative. Complacency has set in.

Restaurants back to takeaway only.

We have no choice but to take these difficult steps, evidence-based decision about next steps.


All metro local government areas and Mitchell Shire (Kilmore, Tallarook, Broadford, Seymour) are subject to stay at home from midnight tomorrow night. Mornington Peninsula is locked down. Geelong isn't. Melbourne people are not allowed to travel to regions to dine. Postcodes will be collected.

Differences to last lockdown:

- You can't leave metro Melbourne to get exercise.
- regional Vic has few cases - this is designed to keep it that way
- stay at your principal place of residence, not holiday home
- schools: Year 11 & 12 students return on Monday; specialist schools will open as normal. All other students: school holidays extended one week. Further announcements in coming days.
- towers going from hard lockdown to regular lockdown asap

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When a person wears her heart on her sleeve (& great sleeves btw!!) it's impossible not to feel her feels too. I've caught up with @hannahjosephinegreen a few times during the bastard COVID times and if I had to use just one word to describe her (& hopefully not diminish her) it would be 'caring'. She cares about her staff, she honours her business goals at @etta_melbourne, she loves her community, she is passionate about the hospitality industry overall. She's a total gem, actually.

It was a privilege to talk to her on a pretty bad day late last week, with cancellations at her edge-of-lockdown Brunswick East restaurant making trade a marginal proposition, and occasional bouts of huggy-kissy customer behaviour adding an extra layer of peril to staying open.

Hannah is today's guest on @dirtylinenpodcast. We speak about change, stress, community and excellent chickpeas.

Listen via link in bio or 🎧

Produced by @deepintheweedspodcast @foodwinedine

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💔 108 new cases. 3031 and 3051 (Flemington, Kensington, North Melbourne) in lockdown. 9 public housing towers in complete shutdown. Very heavy. ...

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Chilaquiles is a Mexican breakfast that uses up yesterday's tortillas and fries them up with eggs and whatever else is to hand. I made a version for today's fam brunch using white corn chips, black beans and eggs, all scrambled up in a pan. I put all the fixings on the table so the chilli freaks and spice phobes could all go their own way. Chopped tomatoes, avo mashed with lemon and salt, spring onions, coriander, sour cream stirred with chipotle in adobo, dry-roasted, peeled and chopped green chilli. I was feeling fond and sweetly sad about @redtreehouse in Mexico City, a guesthouse where the ladies cook a different breakfast each morning, to eat out in the steamy courtyard. I wonder how it's going there now... #canttravelcaneat ❣️🌞🥑 ...

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Today's podcast is an in-depth chat with Tim Mann, the man who killed brunch.

His all-day cafe, bar and restaurant Grub in Melbourne's Fitzroy reopened after the shutdown without an egg or an avocado on the premises. He's used the pandemic as an opportunity to reconsider every single part of his business and to see if he can't make it work for him, not just as an enterprise, but as part of a fulfilling life that's not all eggs, avo and alt-milk.
​@grubfitzroy @danivalent @dirtylinenpodcast @deepintheweedspodcast @huckstergram @foodwinedine
Reposted from @dirtylinenpodcast

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Put-it-on-everything soy chilli black bean sauce from @genghiskhanh is the new recipe on my site this week! 🤩 Khanh is chef at @sunda_dining, a progressive Melbourne restaurant that draws on his Vietnamese heritage and local Australian ingredients.

During lockdown, Sunda’s takeaway menu included a barramundi dish with a heat-and-eat sauce that completely rocked my world. I couldn’t believe how tasty this spicy, salty, funky, rich sauce was so I had to ask Khanh for the recipe. He told me it comes via his mum and was his favourite comfort food dish when he was back home with her in Sydney. 

It’s so good on fish and greens but you can also eat it plain with rice, or on chicken, tofu or eggs – it’s a magic potion that may just change your life. This makes a decent batch that will keep for a month. It makes me so happy to have this sauce in the fridge.

Sunda is open for dine in, takeaway and you can also find their food on @providoor 👍

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Oh man. Postcodes going into stage 3 lockdown from Thursday until at least 29 July: 3012, 3021, 3032, 3038, 3042, 3046, 3047, 3055, 3060, 3064. Restaurants back to takeaway only. ☹️ #savehospo ...

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When a table of 20 no-showed at @cherrytreehotel, manager Toby Kingsley felt he needed to explain that it was more than an inconvenience. It meant the whole dining room was empty.⁣

So he revved up the pub's van, blared @theangelsbandofficial 'Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again (No Way Get **** etc)' through the loudspeaker and drove over with the eftpos machine...⁣

Wrapping up the first week of @dirtylinenpodcast with two great chats. Thanks for listening, either now, then or into the future. I appreciate the ear-time! Link in bio🎙️⁣

This ep includes a chicken parmie rundown that has rocked my world!⁣

Also featuring fantastic insights from @ganeevbains @ish_restaurant ⁣

🗣️Dirty Linen is produced by @deepintheweedspodcast.🗣️

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Broth 4 Ever! @auntyfranklee specialises in bak kut teh, a pork rib "tea" beloved throughout Malaysia and Singapore. The basic formula is pork on the bone boiled in a herbed broth but there are countless variations by region, family and brainwave.⁣

Fiorn Lee grew up in Sabah on rich, dark Hokkien-style BKT. Her Melbourne renditions are delicious and fortifying and at the moment she's doing this intense black garlic version that looks like it would keep every ill at bay. ⁣

I chatted to Fiorn for my story about Melbourne's restaurant recovery. Like everyone, she's innovating, targeting deliveries to Malaysian neighbourhoods and changing her operating hours to accommodate new diner behaviour. “I used to close between 3pm and 5pm but during lockdown we opened every day between noon and 8pm,” she says. “We are still doing that because I find that people working from home don’t have a routine anymore. We have people wanting to dine at 4pm, which would never have happened before.” Partly it’s a blurring of daily rhythms but Lee thinks it’s also an instinctive spacing. “People don’t come out when they think it’s going to be busy,” she says. “They are naturally spreading themselves out.” Full story via link in bio.

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