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Talking Coffee on the Today Show

While the quality of Australia’s coffee has skyrocketed in the past 20 years, what we pay for it hasn’t. Our $4 lattes are leaving producers struggling – and prices may have to soar. I wrote a feature article on the coffee industry for Good Weekend magazine’s Food Issue, and spoke about the story on Nine’s Today show.


Radio Chat – Relishgate – Could Feta Be Better? – Safely Fermenting At Home

Every couple of weeks, I drop into ABC Radio Melbourne to chat about what I’ve been eating, cooking and learning. This time, host Richelle Hunt and I chatted about food safety, including the relish that was recently named food poisoning culprit at a swanky lunch. We also heard from a food safety expert about fermenting at home, and I gave a rundown on the EU’s requests that Australian producers use different names for products including feta. Can you think of an alternative name for this popular cheese?



Truffle Hunting

I’m always on the hunt for my next food adventure so when I had the opportunity to go truffle hunting, I jumped at it with careful hands and an excited heart.


Dulce de Leche Espresso Martini – Gamila MacRury

I’m always looking for new spins on classic cocktails and this one is super fun! The idea comes from saffron farmer Gamila MacRury, who starts with saffron-infused dulce de leche, then takes it on an espresso martini adventure.

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Have you made my Butter Chicken? One of my members, Mandy, has a daughter who calls it "the best dinner ever in the whole world". Can't really argue. Link in bio 😃 ...

113 10

Sprung bad eating caramel straight from the jar... This week's new member recipe at danivalent.com is Dulce de Leche, the milk caramel that takes hours of stirring in a pot or you can just kick back while your Thermomix does all the hard yards. If you're not a straight-from-the-jar person (?!) you can also layer up Dulce de Leche in celebration cakes, set it in tart shells, drizzle it over pancakes, waffles or ice cream, and dip churros into it. Plus next week I'll show you how to use it in a cocktail! ...

213 11

What the actual is going on with brunch in Melbourne when this is what a poached egg brekkie dish looks like? Salmon rillettes, a perfectly cooked just-pink mini fillet of salmon with textbook crisp skin, caviar, three different creamy saucy bits, a pickle...An exceptional balance of flavours, textures and techniques for $20-ish at @ascotfoodstore, an unassuming neighbourhood cafe. Respect @chefdavestewart, nice place you got there. ❣️ Melbourne ...

328 23

Genfo! Today's new recipe and video at danivalent.com is an Ethiopian barley porridge with berbere butter. It's such a great dish - we mill whole barley into barley flour, cook it up into sustaining porridge then drizzle it with spiced butter. It's SO GOOD! Berbere is a complex key to Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine: a bit of a kapow and a lot of fragrant subtleties. There are heaps of great ways to use it (spicy garlic bread! berbere corn!) and I've shared a bunch with my members today. You can also garnish genfo Aussie-style with fruit and yoghurt - it's gluten-free and very adaptable. ...

80 2

More reasons to love Melbourne: 3D-printed chocolates at @fed.square @tokyotina_ #sensoryunderground temporary restaurant underneath Federation Square, and accessible via Platform 13 at Flinders Street Station. You don't need a Myki but you do need a ticket. The meal is an exploration of what we might be eating in 2045: crickets, nose-to-tail, tinned food and technology-driven eats like these gorgeous 3D-printed chocolates. The event is part of the #anythingbutsquare festival. Tickets: fedsquare.com ...

79 8

I'm so sad to hear that Margaret Fulton has died, aged 94. She was feisty, fearless and funny. Her recipes introduced mainstream Australia to everything from lamb pilaf to spiced noodle salad to rice with ghee, all the while dispensing wisdom regarding foolproof omelettes, juicy roast chook and buttery melting moments. She published her first book in 1968 and it's sold around 2 million copies over 20 or so reprints. She changed Australia's food culture forever. In 2012 I saw the premiere of Queen of Desserts, an affectionate musical celebration of Margaret Fulton, written by humourist Doug MacLeod. She wasn't always a grey-haired grandma, that's for sure. Born in Scotland, she was a bit of a radical, a one-time member of the Communist Party, a single mother, a glass-ceiling-smasher who fell into advertising and ended up as food editor. One song in the musical is Decorative, Elegant and Useless, a cheeky ditty about men that she dated. Let's just say that she did not stand fools! The Fulton tribe was all at the show and it was a tear-rolling pleasure to join in a standing ovation that was as much a celebration of a legacy as a fun night at the theatre. Vale, and warm wishes to her family, including food-and-family flag-bearers daughter Suzanne Gibbs, and granddaughters Kate Gibbs and Louise Keats. Like many, I'll be cooking some classic Fulton in her honour. #Repost @goodfoodau • • • • • • #Breaking: Cookbook author and Australian food legend Margaret Fulton has died aged 94. Margaret was one of Australia's best-known food writers and a beloved national figure who’s legacy will live on for generations to come. Rest In Peace Margaret. More via the link in our bio or online at goodfood.com.au. Photo of Margaret in her home kitchen in 2012 by @eddiepickles. ...

541 32

Basque cheesecake = great weekend. Recipe: bit.ly/DVbasque ...

117 6

Wombok coleslaw, today's new recipe at danivalent.com. Such a nice winter salad with Chinese cabbage, Brussels sprouts (they're just little cabbages, really!), in-season walnuts and a brilliant dressing with lemon myrtle and saffron. Recipe from @bygamila, who I was super excited to shoot with at @prahranmarket. Thanks @gthomewares for these lovely plates. Styling @jules_mckie Photo @jakereederphoto @declanoppenheim 😃 Get your lemon myrtle fresh or as a dried herb from places such as @austsuperfoods 👍 ...

156 15

Make it a fluffy 🇫🇷 Bastille Day 🇫🇷 with this elegant Scallop Mousseline. Recipe at danivalent.com/cook - part of my Bastille Day menu which continues with Boeuf a la Ficelle ('beef on a string', a poached eye fillet that is amazing warm or in 'roast' beef rolls) and culminates with Tarte Tatin, because classics never go out of style. ...

125 0

Last winter I went to @buxton_utter truffles where Adrian Utter and his dog helped me dig up a BIG black truffle! 😃 It was so exciting! I'm back on the truffle train this winter. Join me, @joeyvargetto, Adrian and his dog at @massi_osteria on July 25 for a magnificent truffle feast and exploration including a truffle dog demo in the restaurant 🐕 Details danivalent.com/shop 👍 ...

46 4

Hot bun, cold ice cream, crunch + cream wizardry. Regular snacks are no matcha for the genius tricks at @littlebaohk 🇭🇰 ...

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