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Apricot Chicken - A Comeback Dish We Love

Apricot Chicken by Matt Wilkinson & Sharlee Gibb. Photography Patricia Niven, Styling Caroline Velik

Comeback Dishes – Food Revivals you want to eat

Apricot chicken. Vol au vents. Everything tuna. Fondue. Should retro dishes be brought back to centre stage or relegated to the menus of history?

I tackled this hoary issue with ABC host David Astle and a full board of talkback callers.



  • Apricot chicken (get Matt Wilkinson & Sharlee Gibb’s recipe from their book, How It Is At Home. The PDF is below for you to download)
  • Fondue
  • A good old roast
  • Chopped steak (when we get sick of burgers)
  • Vol au vents


  • Jelly salads
  • Sweet & sour pork or chicken, in fact any fluorescent and gloopy faux Chinese
  • Packet soup mix in anything
  • Overboiled veg


  • Tuna mornay – comfort food, versatile, easy, kid friendly
  • Devils on horseback – bacon wrapped prunes
  • Meatloaf – when it’s good, it’s good but so often it’s not

What do you think? Which dishes make you joyously nostalgic and which need to stay in the past…permanently?

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