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My mum and dad arrived in Australia about a month before I was born, so you could say I’ve been travelling since year zero! I love the mind-expanding adventure of new places and, especially, connecting with them through food. You ask someone about their kebab and all of a sudden you’re hearing a tale of grandfather leading a goat over the mountains…It’s rich and deep.

I’ve worked as a travel writer, doing guidebooks for Lonely Planet and features for magazines, and I’m always planning my next adventure. Current hitlist: Sichuan, Mexico, the Mekong Delta.

Chatting The World’s Best Restaurant – Osteria Francescana on 3AW’s A Moveable Feast

I love chatting with Kate Stevenson and Ross Stevenson on 3AW's A Moveable Feast radio show. Last weekend I went in to discuss the annual list, World's 50 Best Restaurants and my 2015 experience ...

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