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My mum and dad arrived in Australia about a month before I was born, so you could say I’ve been travelling since year zero! I love the mind-expanding adventure of new places and, especially, connecting with them through food. You ask someone about their kebab and all of a sudden you’re hearing a tale of grandfather leading a goat over the mountains…It’s rich and deep.

I’ve worked as a travel writer, doing guidebooks for Lonely Planet and features for magazines, and I’m always planning my next adventure. Current hitlist: Sichuan, Mexico, the Mekong Delta.

Curtis Stone X Dani Valent Cooking Class & Collaboration Dinner

Collaborating with Curtis Stone on a cooking class and degustation dinner at his restaurant Gwen in LA was always going to be fun...but when we decided to theme our event around unique Australian ingredients, things got even more interesting!

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