Why and How Chefs Show the ThermoLove – Dani Valent

If you’ve spent much time with me, you’ll know that my Thermojourney began by interviewing chefs about the machine they wanted first in their professional kitchens. They all said Thermomix! That sparked a learning journey that’s continued apace for a decade…I’m cooking, loving, learning and still working with chefs to find out what they do in their Thermomix. And then I share what I learn with you!

Join me as I chat to a bunch of great chefs about how much they love their Thermomix and what exactly they use it for.

And if you loved hearing how some of the world’s top chefs use their Thermomix, check out some of the delicious recipes I’ve had the pleasure of preparing alongside these local and international chefs:

With so many of the world’s great chefs in easy reach my big question is always the same “What can I learn from you? Can you spill the beans so my beans may be more delicious?” And so I asked them… What can home cooks learn from great chefs?


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