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Radio Chat – Relishgate – Could Feta Be Better? – Safely Fermenting At Home

Every couple of weeks, I drop into ABC Radio Melbourne to chat about what I've been eating, cooking and learning. This time, host Richelle Hunt and I chatted about food safety, including the relish that was recently named food poisoning culprit at a swanky lunch. We also heard from a food safety expert about fermenting at home, and I gave a rundown on the EU's requests that Australian producers use different names for products including feta. Can you think of an alternative name for this popular cheese?

Lello Pasta Bar

Eating pasta is my favourite pastime but simply eating it means not gleaning every morsel of joy from the experience. Knowing the backstory enriches a meal, like an egg yolk spilling from raviolo. Lello, a smart city restaurant specialising in housemade pasta, delivers tagliatelle tales and fettuccine fables, elevating delicious pasta into culinary storytime.

Mother’s Day Menu

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to mean burnt toast in bed and bad soap from school stalls. If you are a mum, you can steer the family towards these menu suggestions, and if you have a mum, please enjoy these suggestions for Mum-friendly Thermomix dishes and tasty gifts that keep on giving. Of course, a Dani Valent membership is a gift that will bring joy and inspiration for a whole year.

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