A Trip to Cobram Estate olive farm – Dani Valent

A Trip to Cobram Estate olive farm

Just another day at the office…catching a private jet to an olive farm and stepping through the harvest process at Cobram Estate, where extra virgin olive oil is more or less a religion. I hope you like my little vlog – just shot on my phone so forgive the wonky video!

A few fun facts:

  • this farm at Boundary Bend is 3000 hectares and has about 1.5 million olive trees, of five different varieties
  • during autumn harvest season, the olives are picked and processed 24 hours a day
  • the olives are pressed within 4-6 hours of picking to ensure freshness – this is what makes it ‘extra virgin’
  • many people think you shouldn’t cook with extra virgin olive oil – this is a fallacy. It’s a great cooking oil!
  • learn more about Cobram Estate’s perspective on the health benefits of its oils here

I use olive oil every day, in salad dressings, when I’m cooking, and as a tasty finishing drizzle.


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  1. Peta-Maree Marchant June 20, 2018 at 12:27 am - Reply

    What a beaut little vlog and trip to the countryside for you. Thank you for sharing :-)

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