Mumbai Street Food with Saransh Goila – Dani Valent

To watch this video now – knowing that India is in a painful and difficult lockdown, and feeling like street markets are a long, long way away from current reality – well, it makes this Mumbai madness all the more sweet and delicious. I had such a fabulous day with celeb chef Saransh Goila, India’s butter chicken king, TV star and big fan of street food.

We crowded into the market, dashed from stall to stall, exclaiming over spicy bites, sharing thalis, finding fun with every step. Together, we were excited by the energy of the street, the deliciousness of the snacks and the way that a love of food can connect people, no matter where you are in the world. I hope you enjoy it – nostalgia and anticipation all at once.

As well as this street food video, Saransh showed me how to make Kadhi Pakora, a ubiquitous homestyle Indian dish that’s little seen outside of India. I really encourage you to watch that video too, and to try the recipe. It’s simple, inexpensive, versatile and comforting – just the things we need right now!


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