High Country Harvest – Prosecco Picnic – Dani Valent

High Country Harvest – Prosecco Picnic

High Country Harvest

I went on the road with chefs and sommeliers from MoVida as they sourced produce for two High Country Harvest events in May. It’s always such an enriching – and tasty – experience to visit food at its source, and I loved seeing it through the eyes of some of the country’s most talented and dedicated cooks and wine guys.

The High Country is a large and varied region in Victoria’s north-east, about three hours from Melbourne. People often think of it as a place for outdoorsy activities, and there’s certainly plenty of skiing, cycling, horse riding and bushwalking. But I am passionate about discovering destinations through their food and drink, and the High Country certainly lets you do that. It’s not just that the food and wine is great, it’s also that the people producing it are dedicated (even dogged!) and super passionate about doing what they do where they do it.

That’s all on show at this idyllic ‘Prosecco picnic’ by the King River. We sampled sparkling wine, cheese, bread and cured meats from the region, chef Frank Camorra cooked a tortilla (it was terrifying when he made me flip it!), and I got the chance to chat with some of the region’s culinary champions. Enjoy the video then head over to High Country Harvest for more than 50 ways you can eat and drink the region during this year’s festival.

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  1. Gena Cavini April 24, 2018 at 9:06 pm - Reply

    Thanks Dani! Come and visit some time! We moved to the North East from Melbourne and have never looked back. The high country, historic villages and amazing food and wine producers and eateries!
    Don’t miss the High Country Harvest Festival……so many fabulous events happening.
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