Food Chat – Butcher Gary McBean has a Little Lamb – Dani Valent

I love shopping from Gary’s Quality Meats at Prahran Market, where master butcher Gary McBean offers high-quality, free-range meat, aged on site in a gleaming glass chamber, and butchered with incredible expertise and respect by a skilled team.

What Gary doesn’t know about meat isn’t worth knowing so I grabbed him for a series of show-and-tells. This is the second of our ‘meat chats’ (see beef here, and pork is coming soon). In an era where meat often comes in styrofoam packages and is quite divorced from the animal it’s come from, I think it’s empowering to reconnect to the source, to learn more about what comes from where and why certain meat cuts work better for different dishes.

Once you’ve learnt more about lamb, you’ll want some recipes, am I right? Got you covered!

By the way, a girl’s gotta get dressed. Today I’m wearing Elk.


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  1. Amanda McAully April 28, 2018 at 8:01 am - Reply

    Extremely informative videomon the lamb parts and cookong

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