Attica’s Cheftales – Dani Valent

I was honoured and delighted to be asked by Attica’s Ben Shewry to work on the first series of ‘Cheftales’, his who-am-I lollies based on the famous Fantales choc-covered caramels.

Gourmet Traveller featured them recently too:

At Attica, Ben Shewry plays with Australian culture, his menu brimming with homages to Vegemite, avocado on toast, pikelets and even Fantales, the chocolate-caramel lolly wrapped in who-am-I trivia questions. Penned by Melbourne writer Dani Valent, Attica’s Cheftales are playful, but they’re also a paean to chefs Shewry respects and admires.

Can you guess them all?


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