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    I love brown basmati rice: it’s nutty, fragrant and filling. Partner it with fresh, crunchy ingredients and you’ve got a beautiful big salad to serve warm or cool. It's vegan, too!
  • This stunning cabbage dish is a great shared side for dinner parties or barbecues and makes a very satisfying vegetarian meal all by itself.
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    Pekmez is a Turkish grape syrup, made simply from reduced grape juice. It’s sweet and syrupy but there’s no added sugar. It can also be used as a sweetener, cordial base, porridge or yoghurt drizzle, salad dressing and marinade.
  • Grove 42 is an innovative non-alcoholic distilled spirit from Seedlip. Flavoured with citrus and spice, the bitter orange and lemongrass notes in the spirit are echoed nicely by the sweet carrot cordial.
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    The basis for this refreshing cocktail is a ’shrub’ which you can think of as an acidulated fruit cordial, or a fruity drinking vinegar. We then turn it into a spritzy gin-based cocktail but it's also brilliant with soda.
  • Ever-exuberant pastry chef Anna Polyviou always adds a bit of theatre to her desserts and her spin on a classic tiramisu is no different, delivering excitement and surprise but in a super simple recipe. Served in a martini glass, the liquid elements are combined in a cocktail shaker in front of your guests then poured into martini glasses. It's a fun way to deliver a great dessert.
  • The pairing of crustaceans and cured ham is a cocktail party favourite around the world. Serve these as a really quick and easy summer appetiser or offer them individually as canapés at your next party.
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    Parmesan puff pastry is the buttery, flaky base for a tasty vegetable tart. This is also one of my go-to recipes for using up leftover Christmas ham or turkey, or any meaty bits throughout the year.
  • Prawns and (Aussie) Christmas go together like kisses and mistletoe. This salad is a celebratory tumble of colours and textures with bright pops of flavour from the pickles, horseradish and caviar.