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  • I'm always looking for new spins on classic cocktails and this one is super fun! The idea comes from saffron farmer Gamila MacRury, who starts with saffron-infused dulce de leche, then takes it on an espresso martini adventure.
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    Dulce de leche translates from the Spanish to 'sweet milk'. It's a milk caramel that you can make on the stove for three to four hours with a LOT of stirring, or in the Thermomix, where it still takes some time but very little labour.
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    It's time to let genfo into your life! This outstandingly simple, nourishing Ethiopian porridge starts off pretty porridge-y and plain until we add the spicy kapow of berbere butter. It's wonderful for breakfast or an anytime snack.
  • An essential spice mix in Ethiopia and Eritrea, berbere is a brilliant addition to your repertoire, whether you're stirring it into a stew, using it to flavour butter, or adding it to a marinade or dry rub. Kapow!
  • I love chlorophyll because it's fun to make and really good to drink - or eat! Learn how to use the heating and stirring properties of the Thermomix to make chlorophyll paste, then enjoy it in a healthy smoothie.
  • My version of this curry classic pays homage to the original 1950s Delhi version but it's super easy and quick. The flavour of the curry powder is key to this dish - its worth making my vadouvan curry powder but any good blend will do the trick.
  • This is a new spin on an old favourite, using Chinese cabbage, Brussels sprouts (they are really just little cabbages!) and the fabulous flavours of lemon myrtle and saffron.
  • This classic French peasant dish is simple and clean and presents elegantly. The name translates as ‘beef on a string’ because, in the traditional version, the beef fillet is tied and suspended in a pot of simmering stock. Using Thermomix, we can get exactly the same result without any string sorcery.
  • A great brownie must be chewy, moist and rich, with a bright crackling top. A brownie is not about lift, it's about lusciousness. This is a classic recipe that ticks all the brownie boxes!