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  • Khanh Nguyen's sauce has completely rocked my world. It's tasty, spicy, salty, funky, rich and it goes with everything. It’s a magic potion that may just change your life.
  • I'm rapt to share this recipe from Wholefood Alchemist Jules McKie. As she says, "I love sweet potato and this is one of my favourite go-to-recipes. It’s quick, easy and an absolute crowd-pleaser.
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    Roasting vegetables before turning them into soup adds a deep layer of caramelised flavour - you can do this with pumpkin, sweet potato and mushroom too. This combination of root veg is earthy and nutty - I adore this soup by top chef Darren Robertson.
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    Chai is one thing but wet chai takes it to the next level! We first make a spiced tea mix then jumble it together with honey and fresh ginger, lending sweet, zesty notes and a dewy dampness to the classic brew base.
  • I love barley, especially in winter, when those nutty, wholesome grains call to me with a song of nourishment, fortification and cosiness. Orzo is Italian for 'barley' and when you make a risotto with it, it’s called orzotto. It's a specialty of the north-eastern part of Italy close to Venice. Orzotto is as versatile as risotto so think of this as a base recipe that you can adapt, just as you would risotto. It’s a great ‘bottom of the fridge’ meal.
  • This Heleh Goh recipe is from her book, Sweet, co-authored with Yotam Ottolenghi. The addition of banana brings moisture and subtle flavour - it's a winner! As Helen says, “The secret is to slightly under-bake the cookies, which keeps them soft and fudgy.” These are eat-them-up cookies, not put them in the biscuit tin cookies. You definitely have Helen’s permission to eat them all on the day they’re baked!
  • Koshari is Egypt’s national dish, popular as a street food and sold on every corner of downtown Cairo. It’s a perfect, cheap, simple dish to cook at home using basic, accessible ingredients. Even though the components are humble, the combination is magical, as well as being amazingly filling.
  • Sardines are great little fish - we should all eat more of them. I visit a local fishermen, pick up my haul, then take it home to turn into a Spanish-style lunch or starter. Along the way, Phil shows you how to clean them, and I show you how to butterfly them, grill them and love them up with a zesty dressing.
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    Crumpets are like the love child of bread and pancakes - you make a yeasted batter, let it rise, then cook the little rounds gently in a pan. There's nothing like watching crumpets in creation. As the batter cooks and dries, little bubbles turn into the holes that are such a distinctive feature of crumpets. I love the way they look and, of course, I love the way they soak up butter.