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  • Prawns and (Aussie) Christmas go together like kisses and mistletoe. This salad is a celebratory tumble of colours and textures with bright pops of flavour from the pickles, horseradish and caviar. 
  • I'm thrilled to share chef Emma Warren's rendition of the Catalan classic, Bread and Tomato, a sacred dish that is so simple but can easily provoke heated discussions. You need the very best tomatoes, bread and olive oil to make this dish.
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    We’re getting very cross-cultural here, taking the concept and many of the spice notes of a traditional Middle Eastern dukkah and sparking it up with Australian wattleseed and macadamias. This is so delicious with good olive oil and bread.
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    This delicious and sustaining green juice isn't just a breakfast packed with vim and vigour, it's also a quick dip into my trip to Mexico. Watch the video of my market adventures with chef Edgar Nunez, then get a taste of the energy and excitement of Coyoacan market by making the green juice recipe inspired by my visit.
  • I visited Thermomix Mexico HQ to ask them which key Mexican dish I needed to cook when I got home. They told me pozole! This rich and satisfying soup is a meal in itself, with the hearty goodness of corn, black beans and chicken.
  • A turkey buffe (often called ‘buffet’ in poultry shops) is turkey on the bone with the drumsticks removed. It’s much easier to cook evenly than a whole bird. The turkey is first brined to add moisture and flavour, and its skin given some butter-loving before being stuffed with festive tri-coloured quinoa.
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    This summery recipe comes from the lovely Emma Warren, author of the Catalan Kitchen, a book that celebrates the food of Spain where Emma has spent many years. This recipe is a great example of the Spanish passion for combining fruit with cured meats.
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    Jessi Singh's lassi is such a great drink for the warmer months and, as mangoes become sweeter through summer, you can reduce or omit the sugar and even freeze the mixture into icypoles.
  • Mexico's Day of the Dead is a vibrant party to honour those who have departed and this fluffy, orange-scented 'bread of the dead' is the loaf to go with it