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Comfort Food I’m Loving Right Now

This amazing brunch is based on a famous Los Angeles dish that I have a hard time saying but no problem eating! It’s called The Slut, and it’s from a stand at Grand Central Market called Eggslut.

Risotto is a Thermomix classic! It’s one of the first dishes many people see when they encounter Thermomix and it’s a reliable stand-by for easy dinners. When I first got my Thermomix (back in the misty days of 2008) I made a lot of risottos, so many that I got a little jaded.

Pozole is a Mexican soup that always includes corn and usually has chicken and beans too. It’s one of the homeliest staple dishes of Mexico with countless variations.

I love this layered soup – it’s good any time of year but particularly wonderful in cool weather with fresh truffles. It’s based on a recipe by Alain Chapel, one of the fathers of nouvelle cuisine, and his famous recipe travelled from France to London and New York. M. Chapel called it Bouillon de Champignon Comme Un Cappuccino but we’re allowed to call it a Mushy Cap!

Chocolate and peanut butter are besties so I thought they might like to hang out together in a layered tart! The tart is fun to make – we build it upside down then flip it right at the end. The concept is along the lines of Reese’s peanut butter cups, but I’ve added a crisp biscuit base.

Everybody needs a simple chicken soup in their repertoire: this one is warming, sustaining, nurturing and nourishing. Steaming a whole chicken in the Varoma is brilliant for all kinds of reasons.

Fun & Easy Family Meals

This recipe solves a bunch of problems! One, dinner in 30 minutes. If ever I tell the family that it’s spaghetti bolognese tonight, they are so happy. I get no grumbles, only love, and that’s so nice and relaxing.

Yum! I love this big, flavoursome salad. It’s Thai-inspired with lots of fresh herbs and lime, and the spark of green chilli. Of course, you can leave the chilli out if you like!

Butter chicken is a beloved dish for good reason: it’s easy, comforting and delicious. You can think of this as a ‘gateway’ curry: it’s accessible and not overly spicy.

There are so many things to love about this recipe. It’s an all-in-one dinner that feeds a crowd. It’s tasty and adaptable. It’s surprising – overcoming a phobia of steamed meat in one fell, delicious swoop.

Two types of dumplings and a healthy pile of greens cook over their own sauce to create a one-pot family dinner! It’s flexible, easy and quick and we don’t wash the bowl at all, even though we step through a few different elements. Love that!

An impressive but easy chicken dish, with classic pub flavours and a little extra pizzazz. It’s easy to prepare ahead, then finish off when guests arrive or the family is clamouring.

DANI VALENT COOKING Shane Delia Cauliflower Hummus

Hummus ain’t hummus when it’s cauliflower hummus. Chef Shane Delia’s family favourite is easy to make but tasty enough to make it onto the menu at Maha, his gorgeous Melbourne restaurant.

Okonomiyaki are Japanese cabbage pancakes – they’re easy and versatile, a great clear-out-the-fridge dinner. They’re also even better with kimchi!

My own version of the classic Aussie burger starts by grating fresh beetroot into kangaroo mince before layering it up with other favourite flavours. So good!

Dinner Party Menu

This elegant and party-friendly spin on a classic martini only strengthens the case. The flavour combination comes from Gamila Macrury, who has a saffron and olive farm in Beechworth.

This is a new spin on the old favourite that is coleslaw, using Chinese cabbage, Brussels sprouts (they are really just little cabbages!) and the fabulous flavours of lemon myrtle and saffron. It’s fab to chop cabbage in the Thermomix but you can also use a knife.

This quick, easy oh-so-tasty meal was inspired by a rock band interview I read in the orthodontist’s waiting room – you never know when the lightbulb is going to flash!

The hardest thing about making this video was not eating the mixture! These Chocolate Volcanos are delicious, indulgent and surprisingly easy to make.

Fresh Favourites Menu

Who wants a quick, easy and healthy breakfast that also works as a jarred meal on the go? I do! That’s why I love this Smoothie Bowl, with the goodness of oats, nuts and chia seeds and a green boost from spinach and matcha, a Japanese green tea powder.

I had so much fun hanging in the kitchen with Alice Zaslavsky. She’s a wealth of information and she cooks with enthusiasm, enjoyment and a big dollop of fun.

This vegetarian curry is an Indian classic. ‘Palak’ means spinach and ‘paneer’ is fresh cheese made from curdled milk. I love this dish for so many reasons – firstly, the process of turning butter into ghee and milk into cheese always delights me. It’s so fun to cook your way through transformations.

Meal-sized Salads

I love a big meal-sized salad! Flavoured with green chilli paste, this steamed salmon salad is healthy, flexible and easy to prepare

Inspired by the herby freshness and spicy kick of Vietnamese food, this salad pairs tender lamb with fresh, healthy crunch. A jaunty pineapple marinade is magicked into a fab dressing to tie it all together

Sometimes a classic dish, loved for centuries, seems as though it was conceived precisely for the Thermomix. That’s the case with Vitello Tonnato, a venerable Italian meat platter, made by layering poached veal with a tuna sauce. It’s so easy to poach the meat in the Thermomix and then use the flavoursome poaching liquid as a base for the sauce.

Chef Shane Delia partners his grilled prawn kofte with funky bastourma (air-dried beef) and purslane but you can just as easily use prosciutto and baby spinach – I love the flexibility of this Middle Eastern salad!

You’ve read the heading and you’re all like, “What? What am I poking?” Watch the video! This is the easiest and best light lunch or sit-outside-and-sweat summer dinner that you can imagine.

I love the way Sam Gowing thinks about food: she’s a clinical nutritionist and internationally regarded spa chef but she’s all about the joy of eating, not freaking out with rules and forbidden ingredients. This easy, nourishing salad is a great example of her approach to healthy eating: it’s as happy as it is wholesome.


Chef Jesse Gerner uses rennet to set milk into a versatile fresh curd that’s then topped with crunchy toasted nuts and grains.

Kedgeree is an Anglo-Indian rice dish which includes smoked fish, boiled eggs and curry spices. I’ve turned it into a sustaining breakfast risotto by using nutty, wholesome buckwheat instead of rice.

Coconut Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup

A gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free pancake recipe from Jo ‘Quirky Cooking’ Whitton. Oh, it’s delicious too!

Matcha Smoothie Bowl

Who wants a quick, easy and healthy breakfast that also works as a jarred meal on the go? I do! That’s why I love this Matcha Smoothie Bowl, with the goodness of oats, nuts and chia seeds and a green boost from spinach and Japanese green tea powder.

Khachapuri is a Georgian cheese pie that’s shaped like a boat and tastes like a dream. It’s cooked by our special guest Anthony Femia from Maker & Monger.

This black rice pudding is such a bright, sunny and sustaining dish. No matter the weather and no matter what’s in the diary, eating this pudding for breakfast makes me feel like I’m about to step out of my front door and onto a tropical beach for a day in the sunshine.

Lockdown Projects – Learn & Surprise

I love chlorophyll because it’s fun to make and really good to drink – or eat! Learn how to use the heating and stirring properties of the Thermomix to make chlorophyll paste, then enjoy it in a healthy smoothie.

I’m a big fan of Japanese food (OK, I’m obsessed!) and really enjoyed Goma Dofu, or sesame tofu, while travelling in Japan. This easy vegan recipe can be served as an entree or cut into smaller pieces and added to stir-fries or braised dishes.

Gnocchi anguish be gone! Learn how to make light, bouncy, silky gnocchi by using the right potatoes and a gentle touch. Bonus – they’re gluten free.

Do you think you’re the kind of person who doesn’t make a terrine? You’re wrong! You can easily make this picnic-friendly chicken and pistachio loaf and serve it up with pride and delight.

Chicken Tart

While making this freeform chicken tart, I share a few fun tricks: flavoured pastry (mustard, mmm), shredded chicken (Thermo-genius), and a simple technique for creating a pastry lattice. I also let you into my love affair with buttered leeks – could they be the key to happiness?

My recipes are about great dishes and satisfying meals but they’re also about building a repertoire of skills and techniques. Curing and smoking the fish for this delicious salad is sure to spark your own ideas for curing and smoking other ingredients and partnering them with other fresh produce.

Fermenting is having a resurgence (yay, it’s so fun!) so I asked expert fermenter Sharon Flynn to come over and share a few secrets. First up, kimchi. Warning: it’s addictive!

Learn to clean and cook calamari then dunk it in a smoky, spicy mad-Mex mayonnaise.

This fun and indulgent carrot cake recipe is from Christina Tosi’s fantastic Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook, which I adapted with her blessing for Thermomix. It takes a while to make but it’s not hard and it’s entirely worth it!

I was excited and nervous when chef Pierre Roelofs shared this recipe for sorbet made with dry ice. Really? At home? YES! Thermomix lets you get a little bit ‘mad scientist’ with this refreshing, fizzy sorbet.

Ice cream isn’t just for kids! This sophisticated parfait becomes extra delightful when frozen in homemade paper cones. It’s creamy and dreamy with rubbly crunch from pistachio and chocolate, and extra texture and flavour thanks to a coffee crumble condiment.

Christy Tania leads us through part two of her dessert masterclass – and this Choc Top is the reward. You won’t believe that something so impressive appears from your own kitchen!

A cosy and indulgent dinner

The Pumpkin Soup method is interesting but it’s the ‘virtual bacon dust’ that is the real thrill in this George Calombaris recipe. It tastes just like bacon, but no pigs were harmed in its creation. It’s three ingredients to a mind-bending taste explosion.

This lamb! Prepare to swoon. I love an easy roast that I can pop in the oven and forget about for hours. This lamb shoulder is the perfect candidate – it loves being left alone all day to become melting tender, so tender that you can pull it apart with a fork.

The hardest thing about making this video was not eating the mixture! These Chocolate Volcanos are delicious, indulgent and surprisingly easy to make.

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I’m the author of three Thermomix cookbooks. In the Mix: Great Thermomix Recipes and In the Mix 2: More Great Thermomix Recipes feature recipes from great chefs around the world, as well as my own family favourites. My new Entertaining book and chip features 13 glorious menus to make entertaining at home easy and joyful.

Dani Valent fell in love with the Thermomix kitchen machine almost a decade ago while researching a story about chefs and the gadget they wanted next. This word ‘Thermomix’ kept coming up…

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I love getting in a room with Thermomix owners (and the merely Thermo-curious) to cook up a storm. My cooking classes are fun, engaging and include tastings and recipes to take home.

My current round of classes is to support my book and chip, Entertaining with Dani Valent. I’ll prepare dishes from a few different chapters and talk about many more. Got questions? I’ll answer them!

Along the way, I’ll share planning and styling tips which will make hosting your next dinner party easy and achievable.

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I love restaurants and I love Thermomix so I’ve started a series of events to celebrate these two passions. Thermomix Restaurant Club is a great night out in a top restaurant. Diners enjoy excellent Thermomix food created by chefs in the company of fellow Thermo-fans (or the merely Thermo-curious). There’s the opportunity to hear the chef talk through their dishes and the Thermomix techniques used to create them. Diners even go home with some exclusive recipes.

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