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French chef Adeline Grattard’s Blue Cheese & Cherry Bao is one of those mind-bending dishes that has captured the minds of culinary fans around the world. I first heard about it in the Netflix Chef’s Table documentary, which devotes an episode to the sensitive, passionate French chef and her Paris restaurant Yam’tcha, run with her Chinese husband Chi Wah Chan. Yam’tcha plucks from the French and Chinese canons to create a truly individual cuisine: fusion food is tricky to get right but it’s expressed so beautifully by Grattard and particularly in these buns. I was fortunate to visit Yam’tcha on a recent trip to Paris and you can see below how delighted I was to eat this concoction in situ.

This little video expands on my Char Siu Bao vid where I make barbecued pork buns as sticky and delicious as you could ever hope (pictured below right). That video is available to members and the recipe also features in the Chinese menu of my Thermomix book and chip, Entertaining with Dani Valent. But even if you’re not a subscriber, enjoy this free video and let your mind be deliciously bent by the concept of cherry and blue cheese in a steamed bun.

I first met Adeline when she travelled to Melbourne in 2016. She was based at top restaurant Attica for a week, a time which culminated in a special dinner – I was her guide and eating companion. Read more about her adventures here and check out the video below to see what else Adeline got up to in Melbourne.

A girl and a bun and a moment of bliss.

DANI VALENT COOKING Thermomix recipe Char Siu Bao

Sticky and delicious Char Siu Bao

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