• I'm rapt to share this recipe from Wholefood Alchemist Jules McKie. As she says, "I love sweet potato and this is one of my favourite go-to-recipes. It’s quick, easy and an absolute crowd-pleaser.
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    Roasting vegetables before turning them into soup adds a deep layer of caramelised flavour - you can do this with pumpkin, sweet potato and mushroom too. This combination of root veg is earthy and nutty - I adore this soup by top chef Darren Robertson.
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    Chai is one thing but wet chai takes it to the next level! We first make a spiced tea mix then jumble it together with honey and fresh ginger, lending sweet, zesty notes and a dewy dampness to the classic brew base.
  • I love barley, especially in winter, when those nutty, wholesome grains call to me with a song of nourishment, fortification and cosiness. Orzo is Italian for 'barley' and when you make a risotto with it, it’s called orzotto. It's a specialty of the north-eastern part of Italy close to Venice. Orzotto is as versatile as risotto so think of this as a base recipe that you can adapt, just as you would risotto. It’s a great ‘bottom of the fridge’ meal.
  • This Heleh Goh recipe is from her book, Sweet, co-authored with Yotam Ottolenghi. The addition of banana brings moisture and subtle flavour - it's a winner! As Helen says, “The secret is to slightly under-bake the cookies, which keeps them soft and fudgy.” These are eat-them-up cookies, not put them in the biscuit tin cookies. You definitely have Helen’s permission to eat them all on the day they’re baked!
  • Koshari is Egypt’s national dish, popular as a street food and sold on every corner of downtown Cairo. It’s a perfect, cheap, simple dish to cook at home using basic, accessible ingredients. Even though the components are humble, the combination is magical, as well as being amazingly filling.
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    Crumpets are like the love child of bread and pancakes - you make a yeasted batter, let it rise, then cook the little rounds gently in a pan. There's nothing like watching crumpets in creation. As the batter cooks and dries, little bubbles turn into the holes that are such a distinctive feature of crumpets. I love the way they look and, of course, I love the way they soak up butter.
  • Meals don't come simpler than this pasta with burnt butter and sage. It's such a great dish for nothing-in-the-fridge days or for those COVID moments when the home-schooled honeys and work-from-home husband start wondering about lunch (ie. from about 10am!).
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    In its most simple form, this is a yoghurt soup that’s thickened with rice. In the traditional version, chickpeas are incorporated into the soup - I’ve turned them into a golden topping instead, brightened with kale and chilli. I get really excited about reworking simple ingredients for new pleasures. The components of this dish are humble and modest but each finds new potential in this recipe, and thus new opportunity for diner pleasure.