• Chef Shane Delia partners his grilled prawn kofte with funky bastourma (air-dried beef) and purslane but you can just as easily use prosciutto and baby spinach - I love the flexibility of this Middle Eastern salad!
  • You know about being cool as a cucumber. How about being cool with a cucumber? Here are three simple recipes that make cucumber the star and you the winner.
  • Have it because its gut healthy or just because it's tasty. This relish is great on sandwiches, with cheese platters and crackers, or use it more as a salsa, piled over barbecued chops, sausages and steak.
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    Sometimes, you just need a basic dip and that's where this everyday emergency hummus comes in. It's flavourful, versatile and more or less traditional. Plus, you can make it in five minutes flat!
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    Harissa is a delicious north African roasted pepper and spice paste. It's the flavoursome dollop that can also be served as a dip, a condiment for grilled meats or baked eggs, or a delicious drizzle for roast potatoes.  Thin your harissa with olive oil and you’ve got a wonderful salad dressing or marinade too.
  • An essential spice mix in Ethiopia and Eritrea, berbere is a brilliant addition to your repertoire, whether you're stirring it into a stew, using it to flavour butter, or adding it to a marinade or dry rub. Kapow!
  • ThermoStar Tim makes the Tandoori Chicken from my Entertaining cookbook. As he says, it's really easy and, as you'll see, it's adaptable too. Please join me in my project to make 'hot pineapple' a craze!
  • Do you ever make a dish that is almost too good? That’s how I feel about these pork ribs. The Korean marinade adds such delicious deep, spicy flavours to the ribs, but then we also turn it into a sauce. It’s so good!
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    I love having flavour bombs ready to go in the cupboard. That’s the idea with these dry rubs for beef and lamb. Simply make them, store them in an airtight container in a cool, dark place, then rub a little onto your meat before cooking.