Winter breakfast

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    It's time to let genfo into your life! This outstandingly simple, nourishing Ethiopian porridge starts off pretty porridge-y and plain until we add the spicy kapow of berbere butter. It's wonderful for breakfast or an anytime snack.
  • An essential spice mix in Ethiopia and Eritrea, berbere is a brilliant addition to your repertoire, whether you're stirring it into a stew, using it to flavour butter, or adding it to a marinade or dry rub. Kapow!
  • One of my absolute favourite projects is to source chef’s recipes and share them with my community. This savoury waffle is one of those and it’s brilliant! I ate it at Rare Hare with horseradish cream and salmon caviar: the combination of crunchy-soft waffle, the creamy kick of the horseradish and the pop of the caviar was just stunning. If you don't have a waffle iron, just make wumpets :)
  • This amazing brunch is based on a famous Los Angeles dish that I have a hard time saying but no problem eating! It's called The Slut, and it's from a stand at Grand Central Market called Eggslut.
  • As well as being incredibly tasty and energising, this mint, nut and choc-chip smoothie is bursting with goodness thanks to hemp, a new It ingredient.
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    Chai is one thing but wet chai takes it to the next level! We first make a spiced tea mix then jumble it together with honey and fresh ginger, lending sweet, zesty notes and a dewy dampness to the classic brew base.
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    Kedgeree is an Anglo-Indian rice dish which includes smoked fish, boiled eggs and curry spices. I’ve turned it into a sustaining breakfast risotto by using nutty, wholesome buckwheat instead of rice.
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    Adelaide chef Jock Zonfrillo is a big advocate for indigenous Australian ingredients, used with respect and innovation at his restaurant Orana. He's also a big Thermomix fan both in the restaurant and at home and he shares his family's formula for a fab smoothie.
  • With this oat mixture on hand you're only 6 minutes away from a fabulous breakfast. Two types of ginger and gentle spicing ensure this porridge is both warming and sustaining.