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Having great homemade condiments and flavour bursts on hand is the easiest way to turn your cooking from ho-hum to ‘wow, what have you done?!’

One of my absolute favourite must-have pantry essentials is Vadouvan curry powder. This French version of an Indian curry powder is a warm, toasty and well-rounded spice mix with a gorgeous rusty orange colour and a gentle chilli kick. You can make it in less than 10 minutes! Click through to the recipe.

By the way, it’s pronounced vuh-doo-vun.

See below for the base recipe and for some of my favourite ways to get vadouvan va-va-voom in my life. You may also like to add vadouvan to marinades, dressings, scrambled eggs and marinated fetta. The Barbecue chapter of my Entertaining cookbook includes a great recipe for Vadouvan-spiced Mini Rolls: they’re stuffed with caramelised onion and brushed with vadouvan – so great!

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Watch this video to see me make vadouvan, then use it in a light coconut curry that’s the base for a tasty steamed mussels dish. Serve it as an entree or build the dish up with noodles, veg and extra seafood to turn it into a sustaining meal.

Flavoured pastry, shredded chicken and buttered leeks take this easy chicken tart to the next level. Use vadouvan where the filling calls for curry powder. I also show you how to make a pastry lattice!

Vadouvan Recipes

  • My version of this curry classic pays homage to the original 1950s Delhi version but it's super easy and quick. The flavour of the curry powder is key to this dish - its worth making my vadouvan curry powder but any good blend will do the trick.
  • Do you ever have those "OMG I forgot to make dinner!" moments? Wouldn’t it be good to have a healthy pantry meal always on hand that you could get on the table in 20 minutes? This is that dish. It's also gluten-free, grain-free, vegan and super tasty!
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    This incredible creation is an amalgam of two great recipes, one for a pork curry, and one for a pillowy soft white bread. We wrap the pork curry like a tasty present then stuff it inside the bread before it's baked. The result is a 'golden pillow' with a delicious surprise inside.
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    Shorba is an endlessly versatile Indian spiced soup. It's a stand-by meal which takes a minute to throw together and is deliciously comforting.
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    My own version of the classic Aussie burger starts by grating fresh beetroot into kangaroo mince before layering it up with other favourite flavours. So good!
  • Kedgeree is an Anglo-Indian rice dish which includes smoked fish, boiled eggs and curry spices. I’ve turned it into a sustaining breakfast risotto by using nutty, wholesome buckwheat instead of rice.
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    A warming French curry powder becomes the flavour base for an easy and elegant seafood entree.
  • While making this freeform chicken tart, I share a few fun tricks: flavoured pastry (mustard, mmm), shredded chicken (Thermo-genius), and a simple technique for creating a pastry lattice. I also let you into my love affair with buttered leeks - could they be the key to happiness?
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