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Entertaining with Dani ValentThe way to the heart…

…is via the stomach! This menu for two is designed to be mostly made ahead so meal time is relaxed and there’s more time for gazing into each other’s eyes. When designing this meal, I had in mind a bloke who may not cook that much but would be extra proud to present his beloved with a delightful Thermomix meal. Of course, you don’t have to be a bloke to make it and feel pleased!

Entertaining with Dani Valent Music playlistRomantic music

The music for your Romantic rendevous is loving but not soppy – it’s more ‘woo, baby, you’re amazing’ than ‘oh darling, let me stare into the limpid pools of your eyes’. So, we’ve got a bit of jazz and Crazy Love from Van Morrison, plus lots of female voices before getting jiggy with old smoothies Barry White and Al Green.

Entertaining with Dani Valent styling ideasStyling tips

Candles are a romantic cliché but for good reason. Their flickering, flattering glow sets the mood and the intention: this is a special occasion with a special person. Flowers, of course! Spelling your names or a message with Scrabble letters are a nice little touch and can allow for incidental accidental finger touching ;) I love these pretty lotus napkin folds too.

Entertaining with Dani Valent recipe highlightsRecipe highlights

This is the shortest menu in the book – there’s just two of you, after all. If you haven’t got around to making the Spiced Apple Liqueur (it takes a week to mature), consider one of the Party chapter cocktails, or the Frosé that’s here on the site. Other dishes that will work well include the Zesty Avocado with Crab from the Christmas chapter and (if you want to show off a bit) the Confit Salmon from the Cheffy chapter.

Dani Valent Cooking site recipesMore recipes

There are many more Romantic recipes right here at Dani Valent Cooking, available to all my lovely subscribers. Chilli Lime Crumb adds a spicy kick to any occasion (watch this one now), Casa Daiquiri is a classy cocktail, Steamed Oysters with Ginger and Spring Onion Oils are aphrodisiac central and chef Jesse McTavish’s Lamb Cutlets with Salsa Verde are another way to lamb it up with your true love.

Not a subscriber? Find out more about the site here.

Entertaining with Dani Valent wine matchesWine matches

I’ll be offering wine matches for sale soon. In the meantime, think about something sparkling to begin, and follow up with a pinot noir to match the lamb. If your date steers clear of reds, a robust wooded chardonnay will do the trick too.

Dani Valent Cooking instagram images #ewdvReaders’ pics

I love seeing dishes you’re making from this menu. Make sure to tag #ewdv – That’s ‘entertaining with Dani Valent’ of course :)

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