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If someone says, “Come over for Mexican!” you know it’s going to be a fun and festive occasion. Mexican food is humble, built for sharing and feeding a crowd. My menu starts with a gin cooler and finishes with churros. Along the way, there’s rice and corn, shredded pork and a couple of dishes we eat at home all the time: beans and tortillas.

ERRATA: If you have the first edition of the book, there’s a misprint in the tortilla recipe. You need to add 250 grams warm water along with the oil.

Entertaining with Dani Valent Music playlistMexican music mix

I would happily have this playlist as my soundtrack to life. It’s so upbeat, energetic and life-affirming. Not all the music is strictly Mexican, I’ve just worked with Latin vibes and beats though you’ll be delighted to know that there’s a song called Guacamole.

Entertaining with Dani Valent styling ideasStyling tips

Colour! Buy a piñata, make paper flowers, issue everyone with a moustache on a straw or just use your brightest crockery or napkins. I love the vintage Mexican glasses we used for the Gin and Cucumber Cooler in the book. Find similar here.

Entertaining with Dani Valent wine matchesWine matches

Aromatic, gently acidic wines work well with this menu such as pinot grigio, rosé and marsanne. And there’s nothing wrong with an icy cold Corona or Dos Equis beer either! Coming soon: online wine and beer sales with my retail partner.

Dani Valent Cooking site recipes Ingredient tips and more recipes

When making the Chilorio, you’ll see ancho chillies, which are a dried poblano chilli. Buy them online here or replace with mild paprika. They’re for flavour not heat. When making the Chicken, you’ll need chipotle chillies like these. Replace with smoked paprika if you can’t find them. This recipe also calls for Mexican oregano (but you can use regular oregano); find out the difference here. The chipotle mayo with the Steamed Corn calls for chipotle chillies in adobo. Find out more about them here. They’re available in specialty grocers and some supermarkets.

If you want to expand this menu, mix and match with dishes from the Spanish chapter and add the Spiced Nut Clusters from the Party chapter. My Peach Margarita goes beautifully with these dishes: it’s available to Dani Valent Cooking subscribers. Find out more about the site here.

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