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I’m the author of three Thermomix cookbooks and numerous eBooks.

In the Mix: Great Thermomix Recipes and In the Mix 2: More Great Thermomix Recipes (out of print) feature recipes from great chefs around the world, as well as my own family favourites.

My Entertaining book and recipe chip features 13 glorious menus to make entertaining at home easy and joyful.

With all my books, my aim is to encourage and inspire home cooks with recipes that are full of flavour, present beautifully and spark joy around the dining table. I love to include special tips, twists and techniques that upskill, equip and leave readers confident to embark on more culinary adventures.


Entertaining with Dani Valent (2017)

The aim of this book is simple but exciting: it’s to make it easy, fun, satisfying and – of course! – delicious to entertain at home.

The book is packed full of delicious recipes packaged into themed menus, allowing all cooks to gracefully create stunning dinner parties, celebrations and occasions.

I’ve crafted these 13 menus by cuisine and occasion. They’re inspired by years of work as a travel writer, food writer, cook and seriously dedicated eater, all around the world! Some menus are gleaned from my travels, taking regional classics and reworking them for home cooks with a Thermomix. Others are inspired by chefs’ creations I’ve encountered along the way. All are achievable, and form part of my sneaky campaign to prove that we can all cook like great chefs because we’ve got a Thermomix and the recipes to show the way.

I also love sharing recipes, tips and inspiration at my fun, tasty cooking classes. Find out what’s coming up.

But wait there’s more…

  • See my Entertaining tips for music playlists, wine matches and extra tidbits for every chapter of the book.
  • Learn more about the book at the Thermomix hub where there’s a hosting guide from me and a fun quiz to help you decide which menu is right for you.

In the Mix: Great Thermomix Recipes (2011)

Dishes from my first book include George Calombaris’ Pumpkin Soup with Virtual Bacon Dust, an extraordinary Kirsch Ganache from James “Jocky” Petrie (previously at The Fat Duck) and Cath Claringbold’s delicious Chicken Tagine with Harissa and Cous Cous. The book also includes my all-time favourite Spaghetti Bolognese and a Beef Stir-Fry that has revolutionised meat cooking in the Thermomix for thousands of people.

Buy the book.

In the Mix 2: More Great Thermomix Recipes (2013)

My second book includes many of my favourite contributors from the first book, as well as an amazing array of world-famous new chefs including Spain’s Elena Arzak, Italy’s Massimo Bottura and Germany’s Nils Henkel. A dish from the UK’s Gary Foulkes stars on the cover: it’s a stunning Cauliflower and Blue Cheese Bavarois with Pickled Radish Jelly – everyone who makes it loves it!

Top chefs Ben Shewry, Mark Best, Peter Gilmore and Darren Purchese are among the Australian chefs who have shared recipes. I’ve tested and, when necessary, adapted every dish for home cooks.

Sadly, this is book is out of print.

Why I wrote these books

In 2007, I was researching a story about chefs and the gadget they wanted next. This word ‘Thermomix’ kept coming up…I had to see what it was all about and before too long I had one on my kitchen bench. But where were the great recipes?

My hunger for great Thermomix recipes and my love of beautiful cookbooks spurred me to create.

In all three books, photography is by Greg Elms and styling is by Caroline Velik and Fiona Rigg. Slattery Media published the In the Mix books and Thermomix in Australia is the publisher of Entertaining with Dani Valent.

My books have been honoured at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. Yahoo! I had to go to Paris and Beijing for the awards parties – life’s tough sometimes :)

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