Baby Corn at St Kilda Farmers’ Market – Dani Valent

Baby Corn at St Kilda Farmers’ Market

I was at Estelle by Scott Pickett one night, swiping charcoal-grilled baby corn through a fermented truffle sauce. I was in a very happy place, sitting at the kitchen counter, eating my way through a tasting menu. But I was a little wistful too. “If only I could get hold of this corn myself,” I thought. It was sweet and crunchy but tender too: delicious and incredibly ‘corny’. Oh well, I thought, this corn is so good that the chefs probably snap it all up. I’ll just have to enjoy it while I’m here.

A couple of days later, I was at St Kilda Farmers’ Market, mostly because I wanted to buy a couple of boxes of tomatoes to make passata (check out that video here). But guess what else I saw?! Yes, the very same corn from the excellent John and Pam from Jonella Farm! And guess who was coming to buy it: yes, chefs, including Steve Nairn from Estelle by Scott Pickett and Thi Le from Anchovy. I snapped some up for myself and ate it at home with miso butter. Swoon!

Hope you enjoy my little market interview – it’s just a phone-film situation so I apologise for the chatter that threatens to outgun farmer John.

I’ve got an amazing recipe with baby corn on the site. It’s chef of the year Shaun Quade’s Sea Corn Taco, a playful corn dish with crab and asparagus.


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