Chicken Pot Pies Blooper – Dani Valent

Guess what? I make lots of mistakes in the kitchen. My cakes flop. My pastry breaks. My rice is crunchy. Failures are part of cooking, especially when you’re recipe developing – it’s very rare that a dish is perfect first time.

To be honest, I think cooking with Thermomix is very forgiving – having such a powerful machine alongside makes it easier to regroup, rethink and salvage something delicious from near disaster.

Given that my aim with Dani Valent Cooking is to empower and inspire, I think it’s important to keep it real and show that failure can still be fun and tasty. That’s what happened on this shoot with Jo Whitton of Quirky Cooking. Enjoy my failure…then make these great pies!

Watch the official video of Jo’s Chicken Pot Pies – an allergy-friendly and mega-delish family meal.

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Want more Quirky? Check out Jo’s Thermomix book and her program Quirky Cooking for Gut Health.


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