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Curious George. Dani Valent profiles chef George Calombaris

There’s a lot more to George Calombaris than MasterChef. Like his plan for “global domination”. He speaks frankly with Dani Valent. George Calombaris has a few things on his mind. Like opening a restaurant in Kew, and one in Sydney, and another in Athens. And maybe a Greek deli, if the numbers stack up. He’s thinking about his role as judge on Celebrity MasterChef, on air in October, followed by a new MasterChef series for the not-yet-famous. And there are meetings with Channel 10 sponsor Coles to develop supermarket meals: a marinade for boil-in-the-bag pork, something with West Australian truffles.

The Young ones

With philanthropic support from an unlikely source, the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia is at the forefront in the search for a cure. Dani Valent meets four of its hopeful young scientists and their benefactor.

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