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Mexico – A Little Bite!

Marvellous Mexico City

The energy here is intense. It’s that megalopolis mood, a chilli-fuelled zest for life, a pride in the culture and thriving life of the city. I am overcome with joy at the little things: a perfect taco, a couple dancing in a park, a sleeping baby bobbing in her mother’s arms as they shop at a market.

Here’s a little taste, including lime-drizzled grasshoppers, a fishmonger at an open-air market, a couple of amazing tacos and me munching corn on a boat. Let’s face it, I’m eating from morning to night…

My quick and tasty bite of Mexico has seen me research epazote, huitlacoche, chillies, mole, sapodillas, huazontles and whatever else crosses my ravenous path. And – because I’m dedicated ? – mezcal.

Like a lot of people, I had regrettable experiences with tequila so I’ve been nervous of mezcal, which is the broader category of agave-distilled spirits that includes tequila. Luckily, my path took me to an artisanal mezcal store where I learnt more about how this iconic Mexican drink is produced, consumed and enjoyed.

The classic way is neat, from a ceramic cup, and interspersed with sucks on an orange slice. The orange is sprinkled with sal de gusano, salt ground with chilli and the dried caterpillars that love agaves.

Am I learning? YES. Am I happy? You bet! More to come…


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