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Best online money I have ever spent!

Best online money I have ever spent was paying to access Dani Valent’s Thermomix cooking videos. Her In The Mix cookbooks are great, but nothing, for me anyway, beats seeing someone actually demonstrating a dish. My most favourites so far are the chicken congee dish and the steamed oyster dish. Both so simple and yet so tasty as well. Arwen has me inspired to try the Basque Cheesecake now, so that’s on the to-do list. Tomorrow will be the Shane Delia Cauliflower Hummus though, and I really can’t wait! It helps that I already admire Shane, his food and his restaurant/s as well! Helen

I love, love, love your work!

Just wanted to pen a quick note to say how much I love, love, love your work! You are articulate, funny, engaging and great at spurring me on to better things with my culinary adventrues with Thermie – thankyou :) Amidst the crazy chaos of this busy life, your videos and words often make me laugh – and joy in whatever form is a beautiful thing! So thankyou for your hard work – hope you continue to find joy in crafting your craft ;) Michelle

Makes me feel more confident to try new things!

Hi Dani, I am finding the recipes and videos great! On the weekend for a dinner party I made the basque cheesecake. It was amazing!! My guests loved it. Just for fun as I love experimenting I also made the Attica choc cake with ganache. Yum also. I normally don’t like watching cooking videos but I find them very helpful as they contain additional info and tips. Makes me feel more confident to try new things!! Thank you!! Michelle

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