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It’s SUCH a fantastic recipe.

It’s SUCH a fantastic recipe. They all are – but this one has something extra special about it. It’s amongst our favourites so far. And Shane was just so much fun in the video! He has such a great personality and an inspiring passion for simple, wholesome, delicious food. We really enjoyed this DVC edition and how it encouraged us in a really creative way to ‘think outside the box’ with food combinations! Elke

I know hummus is going to be a HUGE part of our meals in the coming weeks!

It’s so interesting, before now I’ve never thought about serving a bowl of hummus as a MEAL! I’ve always considered it a ‘spread’ or a ‘dip’ served as a SIDE to something else or as a snack, not as the BASE of a meal! It’s brilliant – and the adding of roasted veggies to the mix just makes this an amazing platform for so many different hummus options! I cooked a big batch of chickpeas yesterday because I know hummus is going to be a HUGE part of our meals in the coming weeks, in all different incarnations! ❤ Elke

Best online money I have ever spent!

Best online money I have ever spent was paying to access Dani Valent’s Thermomix cooking videos. Her In The Mix cookbooks are great, but nothing, for me anyway, beats seeing someone actually demonstrating a dish. My most favourites so far are the chicken congee dish and the steamed oyster dish. Both so simple and yet so tasty as well. Arwen has me inspired to try the Basque Cheesecake now, so that’s on the to-do list. Tomorrow will be the Shane Delia Cauliflower Hummus though, and I really can’t wait! It helps that I already admire Shane, his food and his restaurant/s as well! Helen

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