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Dani Valent Cooking website launching June 9!

I’m so excited to announce the launch date for my new website is June 9 – woohoo! I can’t wait to share it with you. Dani Valent Cooking is a mixture of my dishes, including some from my In the Mix cookbooks, plus videos with some of my favourite Thermomix cooks and chefs. There’s homely stuff, cheffy stuff and everything in between.

Recipe Club

Recipe club is go! We ate Turkish bread, pistachio duke and last year’s green olives from our tree. This year I’ve been part of a recipe club and I am loving it. Every two months, we meet at someone’s house for a bring-a-plate foodie fiesta. There are eight of us – plus or minus a couple each time, life being the busy, unwieldy beast that it is. Each night is themed: we’ve done Peruvian, Sicilian, Explosion, Curvy and last night was Turkish at my place. We eat, drink, talk and share recipes.

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