Dani Valent's Signature Dish Series - Maha Restaurant with Shane Delia | Dani Valent

Dani Valent’s Signature Dish Series – Maha Restaurant with Shane Delia

Date(s) - Tuesday 12/11/2019
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Maha Restaurant


Signature Dish Series

Exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences in top restaurants.

My new event series is a way to share my access to top restaurants and chefs with you. Participants will have unique experiences in great restaurants, including deep engagement with great chefs. By focusing on a signature dish, we give the chef an opportunity to shine, to share techniques, tips and stories. Attendees will improve as cooks and become more informed diners, gaining cooking insights and learning ingredient backstories.

I’ve been working with great excitement on this concept and I’m thrilled to bring you this second intallment in my Signature Dish Series. It’s at Maha, Melbourne’s premier location for refined and contemporary Middle Eastern food in an opulent city setting, run by one of the city’s most dynamic, charismatic and fun chefs.

This is what’s included:

– exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Maha for just 10 people
– we visit Maha when it’s closed to the public
– we go where diners are never allowed to go, into the restaurant kitchen!
– we spend time with chef Shane Delia and watch him cook a signature dish, learning chef’s secrets, tips and techniques

– we can ask any questions we like
– we enjoy snacks and matched wine as we watch and learn
– we go home with the recipe for Shane’s signature dish, plus a key ingredient for that dish

I’m also hosting a Dani Valent Signature Dish Series event at Vue de monde on 8 October. Join me.



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