Dani Valent’s Signature Dish Series – IDES with Peter Gunn – Wednesday 11 March 2020 – Dani Valent

Date(s) - Wednesday 11/03/2020
1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

IDES Melbourne


Join me behind-the-scenes at IDES with Peter Gunn

My monthly Signature Dish Series is a way to take you behind-the-scenes with top chefs at great restaurants. I am thrilled to offer an experience at two-hatted IDES with Peter Gunn.

Pete was sous chef to Attica’s Ben Shewry for five years. During that time, he started to run IDES pop-ups, celebrated dinners that developed his style as a chef. The permanent IDES restaurant on Smith Street opened in March 2016 – we will be going there to celebrate the restaurant’s fourth birthday!

This is what’s included:

– exclusive behind-the-scenes access to IDES for just 10 people
– you’ll go where customers and diners are never allowed to go, into the kitchen
– Pete will show you around the restaurant then divide you into even smaller groups for a rotation through different cooking stations
– each group in turn will see (and be part of) the making of three signature IDES creations: the bread and peanut butter;
avocado and trout roe; ‘the black box’. These dishes are exceptionally delicious and you will SO AMAZED to see how they are created
– this experience offers a unique insight into how a contemporary fine dining restaurant runs – Pete has put so much thought into the experience, I know it is going to be memorable, educational and inspiring.

As with all Signature Dish Series events, participants will enjoy a unique and never-to-be-repeated experience in a top restaurant, including deep engagement with a great chef. By focusing on a signature dish (or dishes!), we give the creator an opportunity to shine, to share techniques, tips and stories. Attendees will improve as cooks and become more informed diners, gaining cooking insights and learning ingredient backstories.

I’ve been working with great excitement on this concept and I’m thrilled to bring you this fifth instalment in my Signature Dish Series, following sellout events at Vue de monde, Maha and Phillippa’s Bakery.

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This event is fully booked.

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