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We’ve all got to eat so it might as well be good! I’ve been a restaurant critic for almost 20 years, and have been writing a weekly restaurant column in Melbourne’s Sunday Age since 2006.

My approach is to always take a restaurant on its own terms: there’s no point slamming a burger joint because it doesn’t have white tablecloths. I try to be constructive in my criticism and I’ve always got the diner in mind: there are many places you could choose to go. Why should it be here?



What's the sound of Thai food? If you're at BKK, the easygoing bar/restaurant off Chapel Street, it's the crunch of betel leaves, herbs and peanuts, the clack of chopsticks as you try (and, if you're me, fail) to pick up slippery rice noodles and the preoccupied "mmm-mh" when someone asks you if the food is tasty.

Mama Manoush

You know those people who touch food and it turns to gold? Mama Manoush's Elizabeth Kairouz, 50, is one of those culinary alchemists. She'll tell someone a recipe, exactly, and they'll follow it assiduously, but they always say the same thing: "It just doesn't taste like yours." She shrugs. "What can I do? I tell them, 'Take my hand.' That's the only thing that's different."

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