Radio Chat – Things I Wouldn’t Cook – Dani Valent

Fortune Cookies; photography Greg Elms.

Every couple of weeks, I pop into ABC Radio Melbourne to talk about food. This week the theme was ‘things I’d never cook at home’. I’ll try a lot of things but I draw the line at Peking duck. Did you know you need to inflate the skin with a bicycle pump before you roast it? Nope. I am never doing that. We asked listeners what they’d never cook at home and the talkback lines ran hot: gnocchi, croquembouche, fish, risotto… To my delight, quite a few blokes called in with their tips for cooking fish.

And maybe you’ll be inspired to make Fortune Cookies, too! They’re the kind of dish most people would never consider making at home but they’re actually a really fun and satisfying project. Check out my video!


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