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Father’s Day doesn’t have to mean power tools, sixpacks of beer and random golf gifts. I’m much more about the food, so hopefully any fathers in your life are too! Here are some ideas for treating Dad at any time of day: there’s breakfast all the way through to a nightcap.

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Happy cooking and happy Father’s Day!

Breakfast in bed

Lemon Bomb Smoothie

Thermomix green smoothie recipe

This zinging smoothie from chef Jock Zonfrillo is thick enough to eat with a spoon, so you can serve it like a smoothie bowl.

Buckwheat Kedgeree

Easy Thermomix recipe kedgeree

A spiced breakfast risotto with the nutty goodness of buckwheat and it’s easy to eat while propped against the pillow.

Lunch or dinner for Dad

Cauliflower Hummus

Thermomix recipe Cauliflower hummus

Chef (and proud dad) Shane Delia’s fancy roasted Cauliflower Hummus pairs brilliantly with sauteed spiced beef mince. It’s lovely with Turkish pide.

BBQ Prawn Kofte Salad

Thermomix recipe Prawn Kofte Salad1

A fresh and funky seafood salad from Shane Delia. These grilled prawn kofte are partnered with funky basturma (air-dried beef) and purslane but you can just as easily use prosciutto and baby spinach – I love the flexibility of this salad and Dad is sure to fall for it as well.

Gang Prik with Steamed Chicken

Thermomix recipe Gang Prik with Steamed Chicken

Melbourne based Thai chef, Pla Liamthong‘s southern Thai curry paste can be used in stir-fries, jungle curries and (as here) in an unconventional coconut curry with chicken, bamboo shoots and – what? – chick peas. She makes it for her husband because he wants extra protein! Pla’s message is: don’t worry too much about authenticity, use what you’ve got and keep life simple and delicious. 

Beef Rotolo with Steamed Vegetables

Dani Valent Cooking Beef Rotolo Dani Valent Cooking

Dad will be so impressed if you make this rolled beef dish for Father’s Day. Steak is rolled with pesto and steamed in the Varoma over stock, which is then the base for a mustard sauce. It’s a great spin on porterhouse!

Footy snack

Blue Cheese Dip

Blue CHees

It’s a sauce, it’s a dip, it’s heaven in a bowl. This is cheesemonger Anthony Femia’s favourite dip! Anthony reckons it’s a great one to eat on the couch while watching sport on TV. Keep it simple with crackers and crudités or take it to the next level with buffalo wings.

Fried Calamari with Chipotle Mayo

We start with a basic mayonnaise recipe then flavour it with smoked Mexican chillies. After that, I show you how to clean and cook calamari – it’s so good with this mayo.

Pierogies & Pretzels

Thermomix recipe by Grant Achatz Pierogies & Pretzels

Two recipes from Grant Achatz, the legendary US chef who brought us edible balloons: dark, fluffy pretzels and golden, crisp pierogies. Both are lovely and best eaten with hot mustard. Just in case Dad wants to spend Father’s Day in front of the box, he’ll be pretty happy with this couch potato delivery!

Ginger Duck with Steamed Bao

Thermomix recipe Ginger Duck with Steamed Bao & Crispy Duck Skin

Inspired by sauce running down my elbow at Momofuku in New York, the creation of these steamed bao for Thermomix has been a tasty victory. The bao are fluffy fold-over pouches and they’re filled with ginger-marinated duck, fresh vegetables, a lusciously punchy sauce and shatter-crisp duck skin.

Char Siu Bao

Thermomix recipe Char Siu Bao

I reckon this recipe should come with a warning: make it once and your tribe will clamour for it over and over again. Luckily, the pork can be marinated and frozen, or even roasted and frozen, so pork buns never need to be far in your future.

Double Chocolate Pretzel Cookies

Thermomix recipe Double Chocolate Pretzel Cookies

These Double Chocolate Pretzel Cookies from chef Kylie Millar are super chocolatey with a savoury hit from the pretzels.


Choc Top

Thermomix recipe Cherry choc top

Christy Tania leads us through part two of her dessert masterclass – and this Choc Top is the reward. You won’t believe that something so impressive appears from your own kitchen!

Steamed Pecan Pie Puddings

Thermomix recipe Steamed Pecan Pie Puddings

All the traditional pecan pie flavours are magicked into an easy steamed dessert using the Varoma. The gooey maple syrup sauce is sure to make Dad swoon.

Before bed

Wet Chai with Rum

Thermomix recipe Wet Chai

Chai is one thing but wet chai takes it to the next level! We first make a spiced tea mix then jumble it together with honey and fresh ginger, lending sweet, zesty notes and a dewy dampness to the classic brew base. The rum-spiked version will be a Father’s Day hit!

I love my Elk top & Obus pants

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