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Cooks and Chefs Series

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Dani Valent’s Chefs and Cooks Series is a new way to enjoy some of Australia’s best-loved recipes at home.

We’re launching the series with Julia Busittil Nishimura and her beloved Ostro book. Julia has selected some of her favourite winter recipes from Ostro and overseen their preparation so every dish sings with flavour and soul. Our cooking collab partner is the delightful and impeccable Cookes Food, plus we have an exclusive focaccia created especially for the occasion by Baker Bleu.

We’ll deliver these dishes to your place for you to finish off or heat up at home.

The Chefs and Cooks Series is a new way to connect with outstanding cooks and chefs and experience their cookbooks, recipes and expert insights. It’s also a new, easy, enriching way to get a special dinner on the table.

I’ve always enjoyed bringing people together around good food. My Cooks and Chefs Series, powered by Cookaborough, is a fun new way to gather at your table to eat, learn and enjoy.

Jump in now to be part of our first event and to be informed about future chefs and cooks lined up over the coming months.

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