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While we had our Polenta cake in the oven I grabbed the lovely Sophia Handschuh from Thermomix Baking Blogger for a chat about sourdough, a topic that’s close to both of our hearts, but can seem very spooky and mysterious if you’ve never encountered it before.

We also touch on Sophia’s awesome Thermomix slide and her handsome and practical bread book.

I hope you enjoy the chat and our other tasty and fun collaborations below.

Polenta Cake with Mango Cardamom Sorbet

Sophia’s syrup-soaked polenta cake is easy to make and all-too-easy to eat. It’s moist, fragrant, gluten-free and easy to dress up for a party. I made a spiced mango sorbet to go with it.

Grissini & Fetta Dip

Sophia’s thin, crisp, spiced breadsticks are easy to make and oh-so-easy to eat and she shares excellent bread-making tips in our video. The grissini work beautifully with my fennel-spiked fetta dip.

Thermi Ergoslide

Dragging the Thermomix can damage the scales so it’s important not to screech it from place to place. I love the ease of sliding it on my kitchen bench rather than having to lift it. Sophia has designed my favourite slider for both TM5 and TM31 and it comes in lovely colours (mine is easy-to-coordinate ‘snow’) and I’m happy to have it in my store.

Moving your Thermomix without damaging the scales

Stomp Stomp Clap

The day I filmed with Sophia, she had just tumbled off a plane from London. I honestly can’t believe how bright and sparky she was given that she’d just travelled halfway around the world. Even so, we managed to have so much filming, as you’ll see in this little video of us clapping in the start of each scene.


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