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If your family is anything like my family, you eat a fair bit of chicken. And if you’re anything like me, you sometimes get a little bored with your repertoire. I’m here to help you get your mojo back with five new ways with chicken.

I outline five Chicken Rut Busters in this video and there’s a sneaky sixth one I talk about below.

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By the way, I buy free range chicken, because chooks deserve a good life before they bring us happiness at the dinner table. Also, free range tastes better.

Happy cooking!

Chicken Tart

Goodness me, I love this tart. It’s great for a picnic, lovely for lunch and delightful for dinner. I share a few cool techniques here: there’s pastry flavoured with lemon and mustard, genius shredded chicken and an easy pastry lattice. I love having a sneaky culinary trick or two up my sleeve – and I’m more than happy to sneak a trick or two up your sleeves too! (Does that metaphor work, or does it sound creepy? Anyway, moving right along…)

Inside-out Chicken Parmigiana

An impressive but easy chicken dish, with classic pub flavours and a little extra pizzazz. Fun to make and definitely satisfying to eat, it’s from the Plan Ahead chapter of my cookbook, Entertaining with Dani Valent. The idea is that you can make the inside-out chicken parmigiana rolls and steam the potatoes in advance of your occasion. This is great for dinner parties but also, of course, very handy for busy family life.

Chicken and Egg

This is the ‘OMG what did you do with this chicken?’ chicken dish that might just change your life. The chicken is brined, poached in flavoured oil and then grilled. The result is a moist, deeply flavoured chook that will have you praising the poultry deities. The original recipe comes from Trissa Lopez and she in turn was inspired by Momofuku chef Dave Chang.

Chicken Pot Pies

Jo ‘Quirky Cooking’ Whitton’s pie is grain-free, dairy-free and very clever and delicious.

It’s packed with vegetables, feeds a crowd and is adaptable too. Serve it as individual pies in ramekins or as one large family pie. In this video, Jo generously shares lots of tips about freezing and varying this recipe.

Egg Fu Yong

Top chef Ben Shewry from Attica restaurant comes to my house to make me his version of a Chinese takeaway classic, Egg Fu Yong. Ben’s cheffy version only uses the Thermomix for one crucial second but he swears he couldn’t make the dish without it. He fries chicken till it’s quite dark, then blitzes it with a herby topping that’s scattered over a savoury egg custard.

Dani Valent Cooking Egg fu yong

Chicken Congee with Corn Custard

Chef Victor Liong makes a super clever corn custard and serves with delicious, comforting Chicken Congee. Congee is a Chinese rice porridge that’s eaten for breakfast and supper. I love it. This easy recipe is like a hug from the inside.

Accessible to subscribers, though the Congee recipe is free here.

Dani Valent Cooking Victor Liong Congee

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