Curtis Stone’s Gwen Restaurant, Los Angeles, USA – Dani Valent
Curtis Stone’s Gwen Restaurant, Los Angeles, USA2018-10-26T18:16:41+11:00

I went to LA to teach, cook and showcase Victorian ingredients & Thermomix alongside Curtis Stone. It was incredibly satisfying and fun to share the good news about Victoria’s culinary bounty at gorgeous Gwen restaurant.

What an awesome crowd we had there too, with people coming from across the US and even all the way from Australia to join us! More pics & videos coming soon. Many thanks to Cobram Estate USA, AustSuperfoods, Beechworth Honey, Gamila at Beechworth, Four Pillars Gin, Visit Melbourne and ELK for supporting this event.

Check out some of the photos from the event here and stay tuned as I will be adding more images very soon.

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