Double Trouble Dumplings with Tomato Passata – Dani Valent

A family meal that's on the table in 45 minutes and stars two types of fab dumplings

This is a one-pot family meal with flair. Two types of dumplings and a healthy pile of greens cook over their own sauce to create a delicious family dinner that ticks the boxes. It’s flexible, easy and quick and we don’t wash the bowl at all, even though we step through a few different elements. Love that!

The cheese dumplings are made with quark, a firm European fresh cheese, similar to cottage cheese. You can substitute firm ricotta or a sturdy cottage cheese. Of course, you may choose to make just one type of dumpling or the other and that’s fine too.

This recipe feeds a crowd but you can refrigerate or freeze any uncooked dumplings to have on-hand for future meals.

Feeds: 8-10 
Time: 45 minutes


Quark Dumplings

  • 60 grams (2.2 oz) grana padano or parmesan cheese, in 2 cm (1 in) cubes, plus extra to serve
  • handful parsley, plus extra to serve
  • 1 lemon, zest peeled in strips, plus extra to serve
  • 500 grams (19 oz) quark
  • 2 eggs
  • pinch nutmeg
  • 40 grams (1.5 oz) cornflour
  • salt and pepper, to taste

Meat-and-Veg Dumplings

  • 1 red onion, halved
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 80 grams (3 oz) stale bread, chopped
  • 1 zucchini, roughly chopped
  • 80 grams (3 oz) mushrooms
  • 500 grams (17.6 oz) beef mince
  • 1 egg
  • 30 grams (1 oz) currants
  • 1 tsp ground cumin
  • 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • pinch chilli flakes or zaatar, optional
  • salt and pepper
  • 100 grams (3.7 oz) mozzarella, cut into 0.5cm cubes
  • 1 litre (35.2 oz) passata (or a mixture of passata and water)
  • 200 grams (7 oz) green beans, or other vegetables of choice


Quark Dumplings

1. Place cheese, parsley and zest in mixing bowl and grate 8 sec/speed 7.

2. Add quark, eggs, nutmeg, cornflour and salt and pepper. Mix 30 sec/speed 4.5, or until mixed. Turn mixture into a bowl, flicking the last bits to the sides of the bowl with a quick 1 sec/Turbo. There’s no need to wash mixing bowl.

Meat-and-Veg Dumplings

3. Place onion and garlic in mixing bowl and chop 1 sec/speed 7.

4. Add bread, zucchini and mushrooms. Chop 8 sec/speed 7. Scrape down.

5. Add beef, egg, currants and spices, including salt and pepper. Break up meat with spatula then mix 1 min/Rev/speed 3.5 or until well mixed. Scrape down, if necessary and mix for a further 5 sec/Rev/speed 3.5. Turn mixture into a bowl. There’s no need to wash mixing bowl.


6. Place passata in mixing bowl and cook 15 min/Varoma/speed 2.

7. While it’s heating, form the double dumplings. Using wet hands, or wearing gloves, form quark mixture into dumplings approximately 30 grams (1 oz) and place in Varoma tray. Form meat mixture into balls approximately 40 grams (1.5 oz), enclosing a cube of mozzarella in each. Place in Varoma dish. You’ll have mixture left over, which can be refrigerated for another time, or cooked in batches (see Tips). Set Varoma in place.

8. When time has elapsed, remove quark dumplings if cooked and springy. Add beans to steamer basket and set in place. Replace Varoma and cook Meat-and-Veg Dumplings and beans 10 min/Varoma/speed 2.

9. Serve double dumplings with a generous pour of passata, and scatter with chopped parsley, grated cheese and extra lemon zest, if desired.


  • If cooking in batches, top mixing bowl up with more water or passata, if necessary.
  • Use a medium sized zucchini

For another interesting use of quark see Cervelle de Canut, a great cheese dip

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