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A video recipe from Dani Valent’s cookbook, In the Mix 2: More Great Thermomix Recipes. 

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Making butter in the Thermomix is so easy and flavouring that butter, as in the recipes below, takes the enjoyment to a whole new level. Butter is formed when solids split from pure cream as it’s churned. The by-product is buttermilk, which is great for baking, pancakes and as a marinade for meat, especially chicken. Any pure cream can be used to make butter but the higher the fat content, the more butter and the less buttermilk you will end up with. If I want butter and don’t have any immediate use for buttermilk, I use high-fat double cream with around 51% fat. Otherwise, I use 35% fat pure cream. Thickened cream works, too, but it means there’s a thickening agent (gelatine or vegetable gum) in your butter.

Makes: about 300 grams
Time: 5 minutes


  • 600 grams cream


  1. Insert Butterfly into Thermomix bowl. Pour in cream. Whip on speed 4 for about 1 minute 15 seconds or until the buttermilk separates from the cream. You will know the buttermilk has separated because there will be a little milky splatter on the Measuring Cup and it will shake a little. Let the machine continue for a second or two, then stop it.
  2. Pour out the buttermilk, using the basket as a strainer. The buttermilk is great for marinating chicken and used in baking and pancakes.
  3. Rinse the butter. Tip in 500 grams icy cold water and mix for 3 seconds/speed 4. Rinse and repeat. This diluted buttermilk can be added to soup, smoothies or discarded. The cleaner the butter, the longer it keeps.
  4. Store butter in fridge or freezer as is, or add desired flavours before rolling into logs and storing.

Flavoured butter ideas

  • Spreadable butter: add 20-40 grams vegetable oil to make spreadable butter. Blend for 5 seconds/speed 4, scraping down and repeating if necessary.
  • Lemon and tarragon butter: add 10 grams tarragon leaves, the grated zest of half a lemon and a pinch of salt to make lemon and tarragon butter. Blend for 5 seconds/speed 4, scraping down and repeating if necessary.
  • Lemon and tarragon butter is great for roast chicken or steamed fish.
  • Cafe de Paris butter: add 3 anchovies, 10 grams capers, 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard, 1 clove chopped and sautéed garlic, 10 chopped chives, few sprigs parsley and 1 teaspoon curry powder. Blend for 10 seconds/speed 5, scraping down and repeating if necessary.
  • Cafe de Paris butter is great for steak.
  • Chicken skin butter: place the skin from two chicken breasts on an oven tray, sprinkle with salt, and weigh down with another tray. Toast for 10 minutes at 180°C, then remove weight from skin. Toast for another 5-10 minutes or until crisp. Allow to cool. Blitz in TM for 5 seconds/speed 5. Add butter and salt to taste and blend for 5 seconds/speed 4, scraping down and repeating if necessary.
  • Chicken skin butter is great for roast chicken and potatoes.

Is there anything better than lashings of creamy butter on freshly made bread rolls? Check out my Best Ever Bread Buns here!

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