Winter warmers

  • Sambar is a south Indian dish, made with yellow lentils, tamarind and vegetables. It can be served with rice but it’s also a traditional accompaniment for dosa, rice and lentil pancakes made with fermented batter.
  • A beef noodle bowl based on succulent miso-rubbed ribs and quick-and-easy pickles that you can dress up in so many different ways. You'll love this dish from Feather & Bone customers Ben and Reagan.
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    This recipe is from The Ethical Omnivore book by Laura Dalrymple and Grant Hilliard. Laura and Grant run Feather and Bone in Sydney, a butcher which sources whole animals directly from sustainable farmers.
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    This is a deep, dark curry powder that is delicious in meat and vegetarian dishes. It's beautifully fragrant and you can use it in any curries.
  • This soup takes the various greens of celeriac, apples, parsley and thyme and jumbles them together in a healthy soup. It’s a marvellous medley, a humble symphony, a beautiful bouquet of warming tones and cool weather flavours. I hope you find the idea intriguing and the taste magnificent.
  • I'm rapt to share this recipe from Wholefood Alchemist Jules McKie. As she says, "I love sweet potato and this is one of my favourite go-to-recipes. It’s quick, easy and an absolute crowd-pleaser.
  • I love barley, especially in winter, when those nutty, wholesome grains call to me with a song of nourishment, fortification and cosiness. Orzo is Italian for 'barley' and when you make a risotto with it, it’s called orzotto. It's a specialty of the north-eastern part of Italy close to Venice. Orzotto is as versatile as risotto so think of this as a base recipe that you can adapt, just as you would risotto. It’s a great ‘bottom of the fridge’ meal.
  • In Japan, mochi are soft, round snack-sized pucks, usually made from pounded glutinous rice, sometimes stuffed with bean paste or jellied fruit. Mochi are usually sweet but savoury ones are great too. Award-winning chef Michael Ryan's delicious version achieves the distinctive pillowy mochi texture by using whipped potatoes and a little potato starch.
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    In its most simple form, this is a yoghurt soup that’s thickened with rice. In the traditional version, chickpeas are incorporated into the soup - I’ve turned them into a golden topping instead, brightened with kale and chilli. I get really excited about reworking simple ingredients for new pleasures. The components of this dish are humble and modest but each finds new potential in this recipe, and thus new opportunity for diner pleasure.