Gluten free

  • My version of this curry classic pays homage to the original 1950s Delhi version but it's super easy and quick. The flavour of the curry powder is key to this dish - its worth making my vadouvan curry powder but any good blend will do the trick.
  • Everybody needs a simple chicken soup in their repertoire: this one is warming, sustaining, nurturing and nourishing. Steaming a whole chicken in the Varoma is brilliant for all kinds of reasons. Firstly, the chicken juices drip over the vegetables and into the mixing bowl, flavouring everything and forming a healthy broth at the same time. Steamed chicken also remains incredibly juicy. It’s a really clean way to cook too, with very little mess to deal with at the end – love you, Thermomix!
  • Do you ever have those "OMG I forgot to make dinner!" moments? Wouldn’t it be good to have a healthy pantry meal always on hand that you could get on the table in 20 minutes? This is that dish. It's also gluten-free, grain-free, vegan and super tasty!
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    We all love pesto, right? But have you heard of the Sicilian version of pesto from the town of Trapani? It's made with almonds and tomatoes, as well as basil and hard cheese. It's easy and perfect, especially for those long weeks when tomatoes are at their juiciest.
  • Japanese curry is based on a roux (a cooked mixture of flour and butter or oil) that is mixed with spices and usually stored in block form. In fact, most Japanese households will have a readymade curry in the pantry. In this recipe, we make the curry cubes from scratch so you can have homemade Japanese curry ready to go. It’s a flavourful instant meal that I just love to have on hand because you can put just about anything in it - it’s a fabulous way to use up little bits of this and that.
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    This picnicky version of san choi bau is healthy, crunchy and energising not to mention gluten-free. This quantity will last two children for approximately three days. The chicken makes great sandwich filling too.
  • In the Middle East, hummus isn’t just a dip, it’s a meal. This version isn’t just a meal, it’s an event, luxed-up with shellfish and given complex layers of flavour with toum, a garlic paste. Even if you don’t want to make the whole dish, give Tom’s hummus recipe a go: it’s one of the best versions I’ve ever tried and for a hummus-obsessive like me, that is no easy statement! 
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    Yum! I love this big, flavoursome salad. It’s Thai-inspired with lots of fresh herbs and lime, and the spark of green chilli. Of course, you can leave the chilli out if you like!
  • Great served warm or cold, this is a simple vegetable dish that can easily be made with broccoli, broccolini, peas or snow peas, either instead or in combination. Ricotta salata is a salted ricotta - there are easy substitutes if you can't find it.