• You know about being cool as a cucumber. How about being cool with a cucumber? Here are three simple recipes that make cucumber the star and you the winner.
  • Have it because its gut healthy or just because it's tasty. This relish is great on sandwiches, with cheese platters and crackers, or use it more as a salsa, piled over barbecued chops, sausages and steak.
  • Fall-apart spiced meat, a tart and zesty salsa, grilled greens all tucked into a taco - this dish is a winner! It's great for a family meal but I've also served it for casual gatherings with all the fixings laid out for people to make their own tacos. The flavours are brilliant! Thanks to Hagen's Organics for the inspiration! The video is from when I made this dish on Justine Schofield's Everyday Gourmet.
  • A fresh and fruity take on the traditional chilled tomato soup - watch me race the soup as I make a salad. Recipe by Portuguese chef Henrique Sa Pessoa.
  • This delightful recipe is from Julia Busuttil Nishimura's book, A Year of Simple Family Food. It's her spin on a Maltese dip that's made with dried broad beans. Using fresh seasonal pods makes for a bright, green burst of spring on a cracker.
  • I am all about the picnic right now and these are my cake of choice. Friands are small, delicate oval-shaped cakes made with a batter based on almond and egg white. My rustic version starts with natural almonds, rather than traditional blanched almonds or snowy white almond meal. I am enjoying the last of the pears at the moment so I’ve used them, but classic friand additions include raspberries and blueberries so feel free to use those instead.
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    This is the final piece of the puzzle in my dosa and uttapam collection. I started with lentil sambar, kicked on with uttapam and now here’s a potato masala that is great to eat with these other south Indian lovelies, or fine to eat as a meal on its own. This could even be your new potato salad for barbecues!
  • Uttapam, idli and dosa are south Indian breads and pancakes made with the same fermented batter, most commonly made with a mixture of rice and lentils. Dosa are thin crepes, idli are steamed savoury cakes and uttapam are thicker savoury hotcakes. In south Indian households, they are each made with multiple variations. I find them extremely fun to play around with but I have to admit that I don’t often serve them traditionally.
  • This pesto is great with pasta, of course, but I also love it on bruschetta with ricotta piled on top, in toasties with cheese and tomato, and even swirled into soup and risotto. You can add extra herbs as desired.