• This apple, pear and mandarin mulled wine also includes Australian pepperberries. You can also make it with regular peppercorns and it's just as delicious!
  • I was thrilled to learn that this cocktail of mine (the original version without finger lime) has been shortlisted for the Thermomix Recipe Hall of Fame! Have you made it? The zesty cooler has been one of the smash hits from my Entertaining cookbook, where it stars in the Mexican chapter.
  • Ah, frosé! It's pink, it's slushy, it's wine and it's fruit. It's frozen rosé, aka fro-zay baby! This is the drink of the summer and it's so easy to make in your Thermomix. (And if you're watching this and it's not summer, this is the drink to bring some sunshine into your life!)
  • This video is a triple-whammy of liquid wonder. We start with Nefrozi, my spin on the classic Negroni, move on with Watermelon Blush, a refreshing fruity cocktail and finish with Sangranita, my slushie spin on sangria, made with white wine and tropical fruit instead of traditional red wine, apple and orange.
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    I'm always looking for new spins on classic cocktails and this one is super fun! The idea comes from saffron farmer Gamila MacRury, who starts with saffron-infused dulce de leche, then takes it on an espresso martini adventure.
  • A classic Bloody Mary is great - a spiced tomato cocktail to kick your day off with a bang - but my Bloody Maria is next level! We bring Mexican festivity with mezcal and jalapeño peppers, dialling up the party vibes, and the addition of bacon and pickles turns a morning tipple into a substantial drink and snack.
  • Grove 42 is an innovative non-alcoholic distilled spirit from Seedlip. Flavoured with citrus and spice, the bitter orange and lemongrass notes in the spirit are echoed nicely by the sweet carrot cordial.
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    The basis for this refreshing cocktail is a ’shrub’ which you can think of as an acidulated fruit cordial, or a fruity drinking vinegar. We then turn it into a spritzy gin-based cocktail but it's also brilliant with soda.
  • Ever-exuberant pastry chef Anna Polyviou always adds a bit of theatre to her desserts and her spin on a classic tiramisu is no different, delivering excitement and surprise but in a super simple recipe. Served in a martini glass, the liquid elements are combined in a cocktail shaker in front of your guests then poured into martini glasses. It's a fun way to deliver a great dessert.