• I first made this soup for a friend who wasn’t well and needed a chicken soup cure! I can’t promise this soup will cure all ills but it is simple and nourishing with comforting tones and a cheery promise of sunshine. These flavours and textures remind me of suburban Chinese restaurants, though I don’t at all pretend my version is traditional. I make my own creamed corn but you can also use tinned. As with all homemade dishes, the quality of the ingredients shines through. Great chicken and stock will make a big difference to the end result.
  • A good matzo ball (in my opinion) is fluffy and has some texture. That's why I make my own matzo meal so I can keep some larger crumbs, and I beat my egg whites separately. My radical intervention is to add a few Vietnamese flavours, inspired by pho noodle soup
  • My version of this curry classic pays homage to the original 1950s Delhi version but it's super easy and quick. The flavour of the curry powder is key to this dish - its worth making my vadouvan curry powder but any good blend will do the trick.
  • Everybody needs a simple chicken soup in their repertoire: this one is warming, sustaining, nurturing and nourishing. Steaming a whole chicken in the Varoma is brilliant for all kinds of reasons. Firstly, the chicken juices drip over the vegetables and into the mixing bowl, flavouring everything and forming a healthy broth at the same time. Steamed chicken also remains incredibly juicy. It’s a really clean way to cook too, with very little mess to deal with at the end – love you, Thermomix!
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    This picnicky version of san choi bau is healthy, crunchy and energising not to mention gluten-free. This quantity will last two children for approximately three days. The chicken makes great sandwich filling too.
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    Yum! I love this big, flavoursome salad. It’s Thai-inspired with lots of fresh herbs and lime, and the spark of green chilli. Of course, you can leave the chilli out if you like!
  • Chicken liver pate is nutritious and inexpensive - we should all be eating more of it! And now we all can because we have this super simple and delicious recipe from chef Charlie Carrington. Traditionally, pate is tricky and time-consuming. This method is fast, simple and foolproof. I know you're going to love it.
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    Rendang is a typical Malaysian curry, an absolute favourite that's loved all around the world. There are countless variations - today's is cooked by Malay cookbook author Suriya Abdullah, who I was delighted to spend time with in Kuala Lumpur.
  • I am a biiiiiig Jo 'Quirky Cooking' Whitton fan - and my fandom leapt up a notch when I tried her Chicken Pot Pies. As well as being grain-free, dairy-free and gluten-free they are creamy and crispy in all the right places and downright tasty and wholesome all round.