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Entertaining with Dani ValentGirls’ gatherings rule OK!

We love the guys, right? But sometimes it’s nice to hang with gal pals and get into that zone where you can talk about anything and laugh outrageously without explaining. Block out some time, cook up a storm and enjoy.

Try to arrange a bit of this for afterwards, okay?  Gustave Courbet, Young Ladies on the Banks of the Seine, 1856

Entertaining with Dani Valent Music playlistLa-la-la-ladies

The songs on this music playlist are chirpy and upbeat. I’ve leaned towards powerful female singers and songwriters (because #girlpower) but men with particularly compelling songs do get some airtime (because #equality). One confession: I’ve danced on a table to Empire State of Mind. And a fun fact: not sure if you’re aware of the amazing Karen Dalton. She’s a 60s country-folk singer that you could think of as somewhere between Bob Dylan and Billie Holiday. She’s quirky but incredible, kind of like you!

Entertaining with Dani Valent styling ideasStyling tips

When we shot this chapter, my stylist with the mostest Caroline Velik brought in some frangipanis and shells to go with muted linens, weathered timber and gilt-edged crockery. She’s so clever!

The food in this chapter is so elegant and pretty that you can absolutely keep the table setting restrained. Greens and pinks pick up the colours of the food perfectly. Scattered flowers, petals or foliage can work better than vases because it means you can still see one another.

Entertaining with Dani Valent recipe highlightsRecipe highlights

This whole menu is my favourite (ssssshhhhh, don’t tell the other chapters!). It’s light and vibrant, impressive but not too complicated. There’s a bit of technique with the terrine but I bet you’ll be delighted at how achievable it is.

Other dishes that work well in this context include the Sunny Gazpacho from the Spanish chapter, the Sweet Potato Blini from the Party chapter and the Potted Baby Vegetables from the Cheffy chapter. It’s also fun to make Fortune Cookies together – see the video here.

Dani Valent Cooking site recipesMore recipes

As rather a big fan of the whole Ladies’ Lunch concept, I’ve got plenty of other recipes along these lines right here at Dani Valent Cooking, available to all my lovely subscribers. Consider Watermelon Smash and Peach Margarita, Shane Delia’s delicious BBQ Prawn Kofte Salad, a White Garlic Soup with Seafood from Spanish chef Juan Carlos Caro, and the super swish Strawberry Gazpacho. Oh, there’s fab Frosé too, available to everyone here.

Find out more about the site here and subscribe to get more from your Thermomix.

Entertaining with Dani Valent wine matchesWine matches

I’ll soon be offering matched wines for purchase but in the meantime, consider honeysuckle-scented moscato, fresh and fragrant pinot gris and classy sauvignon blancs.

Dani Valent Cooking instagram images #ewdvReaders’ pics

I love seeing dishes you’re making from this menu. Make sure to tag #ewdv – That’s ‘entertaining with Dani Valent’ of course :)

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