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We hope these Frequently Asked Questions (and especially the answers!) fill you in about the site. If there's something else you want to know, please contact us.

Oh no! If you're a subscriber, go to the My Account page (if you're looking on a small screen or narrow window this may appear as a little person symbol or three lines). Type in your Username and Password, then press Login. Does that work? If yes, yay! If no, are you sure you've subscribed? OK, then get in touch so we can sort it out!
You can reset it! Go to the My Account page and click 'Lost your password?' You'll be prompted to enter your username or email. Click 'Reset Password', wait a few minutes, then check your email inbox for further instructions. Any problems? Just let us know!
Yes I can. Let's head on over to my I Want That Recipe page to see the many ways you can search for your favourite recipes.
Yes you can, let’s head on over to my Can I Save My Favourite Recipes page and I’ll show you how.
Yes. I don't have Paprika myself but subscriber Sue has given me the lowdown. Thanks, Sue! "I logged into Paprika then put DANIVALENT.COM in the browser. I was able to save it easily. Even though it is at the bottom of your videos it picks up just the recipe and directions and saves to paprika - great!"
Absolutely! I've been using Thermomix since about 2007 so I'm fully in love with my TM31 and usually have it sitting next to my TM5 on the kitchen bench. You'll see me use both machines in my videos and if there are ever any changes needed for one or other model, I will note it in the recipe.
Here's the complete recipe list. Most are available to members only but there are lots available to all. Look for the 'watch this now' note to click through to free recipes. Join my happy members when you're ready!
Yes, though only gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian are noted in my categories at the moment. What would you like to see? Let me know.
Why, certainly! Almost every recipe has an attached PDF file which you can download, save, keep open, print and put on the kitchen bench and smear food all over. Just scroll to the bottom of each recipe page and look for the PDF link.
Really? I won't know unless you tell me.
Yes, unless noted otherwise.
No, not exactly. This website is independent of Thermomix but they do support me with cooking classes and I have published a cookbook with Thermomix in Australia.
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