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DANI VALENT St Kilda Primary School & St Kilda Burger Bar reviews

I recently collaborated with St Kilda Burger Bar to teach St Kilda Primary School’s Year 6 students how to write a restaurant review. I talked to the kids about how I approach reviewing, explaining the importance of accuracy and fairness, and how the writer is responsible to both readers and restaurant. “It’s okay not to like something, but you need to see beyond personal preference and give useful, usable information,” I said. I also stressed the importance of tailoring writing for particular audiences, and to ‘make their words work hard’ – this is something I often think about, especially when writing short. Can one word do two jobs?

STKBB The Grosvenor

I set them two tasks: a 100-word review and a Tweet.

Then it was the turn of the St Kilda Burger Bar crew, led by owner Rabih Yanni. They drove their truck up to the school oval and set about feeding the kids and their teachers. The kids could choose pickles or no pickles, cheese or no cheese, and gluten-free and vegetarian kids were all catered to. They asked lots of probing questions, then it was serious eating time.

Here are the results from up-and-coming reviewing talent and fully expert burger eaters, mostly aged 12. A fun day at the office!

STKBB Reviews:

Is it a plane, is it a duck, no it’s the STKBB truck!
I feel the juice of the patty roll down my arm. I’m sitting on the path in front of a burger truck, about to take my first bite. My teeth sink into the bun with a satisfying crunch. I taste the salty pickles followed by the sweet melted cheese. My taste buds savour the beef patty as I start to swallow. The STKBB truck is a mobile service. It can be found throughout Melbourne and is also available for private events. All the food is fresh and preserved without chemicals. The variety of burgers are endless, from mushroom patties to double beef, and prices range between 7 and 24 dollars. Do your taste buds a favour and get a STKBB Burger!
– Liam A

I ate a burger, was it good?
The St Kilda Burger Bar stands out on their creative ideas for burgers, it is the most supreme around the area of St Kilda. It is open Monday -Thursday 3pm-11pm, Friday-Sunday 12am-12pm. Right off 10 Brighton Road lays St Kilda Burger Bar, it is inviting. As I bit into it, it exploded with flavour in my mouth as it was something someone would die for, the patty was juicy with a bit of salt taste, it was perfect, it was mouth watering. The bun is one of its type, so well made. The bun is made with milk powder, with the cheese it was marvellous. The ketchup had a tomato impression as I tasted it, I felt as my mouth reached the top of flavor.
– Matthew

Have no fear, the burger mobile is here!
Today I went to the St Kilda Burger Bar, run by the Grosvenor Hotel from Monday to Thursday  3pm – 11pm, Friday to Sunday 12am – 12p and got Kids sized Cheeseburger. The first thing I tasted when I bit into my burger was the creamy deliciousness of the fresh milk powder bun. Even better was the 100% grass fed, salt cured, delectable Chargrilled, medium-well Angus Beef patty! Basically really tasty meat. The American cheese melted in my mouth and stood out with the accompaniment of the sweet and salty pickles. I found the salad a bit tasteless with the sauce overpowering. But overall I absolutely loved it and it was worth my money. A must buy for the whole family!
– Orlando C

STKBB Mobile Van To The Rescue
Mmm portobello mushroom patty, sesame bun, gruyere cheese, wild rocket, ketchup and mayonnaise. You will find all of these mouth watering ingredients in STKBB’s Mr Fun Guy burger. The milk bun was topped with sesame seeds. Suddenly salty melting gruyere swarmed my mouth, but there wasn’t enough of the tasty wild rocket. Not overly sweet and salty defines the condiments. Perfectly handcrafted masterpiece. Yum. STKBB’s address is 10 Brighton rd St Kilda East 3183.
– Leonardo

The Burger review
ST Kilda Burger bar used cheese, tomato sauce, beef patty, pickles and a milky bun to make the cheeseburger. Everything is perfect when I ate the burger. If you want a good burger you should go to STKBB because they have good burgers. You can find STKBB on Sunday – Thursday around st kilda. I found the burger good and I tasted nothing wrong with it. I tried the burger without pickles and I found it crunchy. The cheese was so good and the tomato sauce was good too. The beef patty was awesome and really really delicious and joyful. I recommend the st kilda Burger bar.
– Gabriel

St Kilda Burger bar
Today I reviewed the Mr Fun Guy from St Kilda burger Bar which is located in East St kilda, 10 Brighton road. It was delicious. The first bite was a juicy sensation. The mushroom and the thyme butter made a perfect combo. The milk bun was light and airy and perfectly toasted and crisp on the edges. In total a mouthwatering treat. As soon as you’re finished you will want more. If you’re driving around St Kilda and you’re hungry drop into St Kilda burger bar for a cheap scrumptious treat. It has with a range of $7-$24 burgers.
– Caelan

Burger review
Today was the day where the STKBB burger truck came to St Kilda Primary School! all the Grade 6s along with some Grade 5s too go on the experience how STKBB cook their burgers free of charge! The owners of the truck told the group how they make burgers and told them some facts. They also told us their history and what they thought of other burger shops such as Macdonald and so many others! I found the burger good tasting, the flavour was too powerful but overall I found it joyful and crunchy.
– Beka

The Yummy Burger
If you want a Lievito milk bun with a crispy overpowering patty with 70% beef and 30% fat, STKBB is the place to come. The melted calendar cheese is hard to taste but it makes your mouth water. It is a salty meal but if you love salt you’re in for a treat! The chips are battered to confirm that they will never get greasy. The prices range from a very cheap $7 to $16 and the STKBB is open for a meal from Sunday till Thursday. It’s a great place to come for a midweek snack.
– Fergus

The Best Burgers
St kilda burger bar was voted for having the best burgers by Herald sun. When I tried a burger I could taste the well toasted bun that was made by Levito and the freshly cooked beef that was 70% beef and 30% fat along with all these other yummy ingredients. Personally I didn’t like the American cheese but the sauce was delicious. I don’t usually like burgers but I sure loved these ones.
– Cleo

It’s burger time!
Today year 6 and 5 from St Kilda Primary School got to review burgers from the St Kilda Burger Bar at 10 Brighton road St Kilda. Most kids enjoyed it and here is my opinion. I had the cheeseburger which costs $10. It had grass fed beef, melted cheddar and American cheese, tomato based sauce, soft milk bun. The beef was juicy and incredibly well cooked. The melted cheddar and American cheese was very well balanced. The tomato sauce was strong. The bun was nicely soft and squishy. The only problem was the sauce. Delicious meal!
– Giacomo

Where Is My BURGER!
Recently. I got the chance to review a cheeseburger from St Kilda Burger Bar located on 10 Brighton Rd, East St kilda. The owner Rabih Yanni also owns the Grosvenor Hotel. How the burgers are made is the opposite from McDonalds. The ingredients come from local shops, besides some imported cheese. The burger I had, had ups and downs. The bun for me was too light and airy. The Beef patty was perfectly cooked all the way through. If you have any allergies, SKBB have gluten free burgers, vegetarian burgers and your normal beef and chicken burgers.
– Atticus Grey

Hungry??? Easy answer, get a burger from St Kilda Burger Bar!!! Located at no. 10 Brighton Road, St Kilda. This exceptionally well organised company has done extremely well over its time. These world class burgers are made with precision and effort and are also very kid friendly. The cheese burger is off the marks with its to-die-for Grass fed beef, light and soft milk bun, sticky, a little weak melted cheddar and American cheese and its (a bit strong) tomato based sauce. It’s not the juiciest burger but for $10,this is no rip off people, what a deal!
– James

Burgers are in the house
Looking for a burger? STKBB is the answer. This succulent beef and calendar cheese fusion with the lievieto milk bun is going to melt your taste buds. The beef is marinated in salt alone to keep the natural flavour of the beef alive. You might find the beef tastes a little salty but the bun reduced the salty flavour. The cows are grass fed. For $10 I personally would say it is worth the money though it is a little small. The lievieto milk bun is not as sweet as a normal cheeseburger bun.
– Hugo

My Great Burger Experience
Overall the feel of the St Kilda Burger Bar truck was welcoming and what you got for your money was great. You got a beef patty, cheddar cheese and a tomato based sauce all in two milk powder buns for $10. Their burgers are crispy yet juicy. The sauce gives the perfect kick and is not too fatty at 30% fat and 70% meat. The cows are grass fed and the staff can tell you exactly what’s in the burger.  It was one of the most juicy succulent burgers in Melbourne. It was absolutely amazing. I loved this burger.
– Ben

St Kilda burgers yummiest in town
St Kilda burger bar has one of the best burgers voted by Herald Sun newspaper. When I took my first bite I could taste all the juicy flavours at once. Once I was done I could have gone for seconds easily. I loved all of it. The toasted buns were made by Livito, the cheese was American cheese, the beef was 70% beef which is good, if there were no tomato sauce it wouldn’t of been as good and the pickles made it. It was delicious. I would definitely go there again, a burger couldn’t of been better than that.
– Lexi

STKBB VAN Gave us snazzy hats!?!?!
These scrumptious burgers really tingled my taste buds. I would definitely go to the St Kilda Burger Bar again. The perfect 70% beef 30% fat balanced burger technique just got the right juiciness and crunch. The meat in this patty is from the chests of grass feed cows! Their van drives around Melbourne, so look out for it! The milk powered bun were delicious and the sauce just really finished it off. They roll the meat into balls so every burger patty is hand made. I definitely recommend this amazing place and awesome van.
– River

St. kilda burger bar review
At the food truck St. kilda Burger Bar I ordered a pickle cheeseburger. The burger was nice and soft and very good! The moment I bit in I tasted the different flavours in my mouth. The seeds were a great touch and they added well to the texture, it was a good size. The burger was juicy and sweet bit also salty. Unfortunately it lacked lettuce but it was still scrumptious. It contained a meat patty, pickles, yellow cheese and tomato sauce. It was so good everybody wanted more! I recommend st kilda burger bar to everyone who loves burgers.
– Sophie

Burger Craving
Looking for somewhere for dinner that you don’t have to get out of the car on the way home from work or school? Check out the St Kilda Burger Bar. Their beef is grass fed Angus beef made from the chest, 70% beef and 30% fat added with salt. The patty was crunchy on the outside but soft in. The bun was milk powdered and lightly toasted. The cheese, sadly not melted like it’s supposed to be but was still fine in taste. The cheese came from calendar cheese. I loved my burger and had cravings for more.
– Charlotte

My Amazing Burger Review
The delicious burgers from St Kilda Burger Bar had amazing toasted milk powder buns, from Livito’s that stayed together perfectly.  Along with the scrumptious 30% fat 70% beef patties, hand pressed from the chest of the Gippsland grass-fed cows that created a juicy, salty flavour. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who hasn’t visited the Grosvenor or anyone who has. Their truck drives around Melbourne every Sunday to Thursday so look out for them, especially around Federation Square and at the Grand Prix. I especially recommend their chips. They’re battered to keep them warm. I definitely recommend this restaurant.
– Angus

Burgers for dinner
Looking for Friday takeaway dinner? Then look no further, The St Kilda Burger Bar has got you covered. With their hand pressed grass fed (70% beef 30% fat) Angus beef, toasted milk bun, fresh tomato based ketchup, melted American and cheddar cheese all topped off with their salty pickles. It will leave you wanting much more. You hear the crunch of the toasted bun with the crisp patty, The sweet and salty balance of the pickles, cheese and ketchup. Although my burgers cheese was not melted it was one of the best burgers I’ve had. I definitely recommend the STKBB.
– Carmen

STKBB Mr Fun Guy Burger Review
As I bite into my Mr Fun Guy Burger, a range of contrasting flavours burst into my mouth. Spicy rocket, rich swiss cheese, creamy mayo and sweet milk bun. The patty consists of a roasted Portobello mushroom, cooked in thyme sauce which spreads a nice taste through the burger. I don’t usually like mushroom, my idea of mushroom being a rubbery, slimy, inedible thing, but this mushroom was perfectly juicy and delicious. The only thing to improve the burger would be tomato and extra rocket to make the burger more refreshing. Overall I would highly recommend this as a great vegetarian burger!
– Rosa

Delicious burgers from the St Kilda burger bar.
Looking for something tasty to eat around St Kilda? The St Kilda burger bar is the place to go. I tried the cheeseburger and it was delicious. The sauces were great, the patty was crispy and the flavours were balanced. The cheese was a bit bland though and it wasn’t enough to fill me up but overall the burger was great. The food truck was modern and looked neat. They use grass fed beef with only 30% fat. There buns are milk buns and they are toasted. I would definitely recommend trying a burger from the St Kilda burger bar.
– Josh

Burgers on the oval
When I walked out of the classroom I was filled with joy. The first thing I saw was a big truck. It said STKBB. We all sat down. The owner Raby talked all about their produce. Their patties are 70% beef and 30% fat. They cure their patties in salt. They source their produce from different companies for e.g., the cheeses. All of their produce is fresh. They use brioche buns. I ate one of their cheese burgers. I found the patty a bit salty which overpowered the taste of the burger. Overall I think it was a nice tasty St Kilda burger.
– Gwen

The Ultimate Burger
When you want a burger with a milky bun, a wonderfully melted cheese, fresh pickles and a beef patty cooked to perfection, then STKBB is the exact place to go! They make the ultimate cheeseburger. You have to go a long way to find something as good as this. The milky bun was made by Lievido, it was calendar cheese and the beef patty was from a grass fed cow. There are no hormones and no preservatives..STKBB is open from Thursday to Sunday. I loved this amazing experience and I am sure you will too.
– Robert

St Kilda burger bar review
A great way to end the week off at St Kilda burger bar there burgers are amazing.A soft milky bun,a Juicy pattie 30%fat and 70% Beef, thinly cut cheese and tomato sauce. You can also buy desserts and chips they’re really good to. The burger go up to $7 to $2. The St Kilda burger bar came to my school and we all got cheese burger they were really good but my only criticism is that there wasn’t enough tomato sauce. Another great thing about St Kilda burger bar is that they have burger trucks so head there now.

The lights are on, the crowd is ready, is it a good burger?
St Kilda Burger Bar serves some of Melbourne’s best burgers, yet none is as close to owner Rabi’s heart than the signature dish, the Cheeseburger. The beautiful milk-powdered bun gives it a less sweet texture than the usual. Filled with meat cured to perfection, the secret to its juicy flavour is 30% fat, 70% beef. Unfortunately, the cheese wasn’t strong enough and I couldn’t taste the mix of cheddar and American cheese. The sauce was too powerful and made it almost impossible to taste other flavours. Yet, many love their burgers, so no wonder there’s a queue.
– Daniel C

Was it worth my Money?
Vegetarian or not St Kilda burger bar has the perfect burger for you. The beef patty from the chest of a cow is 70%  beef and 30% fat, It’s a bit too salty for my liking but still YUM. The buns made by Lievito bakery had satisfying  crunch when you bite into it.There is also a vegetarian option called Fun Guy. The STKBB is open every day from 12 to late. They’ve got a van that travels around but also does private events.The prices are ranged between $7-$24. The STKBB is perfect for all ages.
– Alyssa

An Exquisite Burger At A Fantastic Burger Bar
Fantastic. This is probably the best word to describe St Kilda Burger Bar, its burgers and it’s owner.This owner, Rabbie, knows how to make burgers at their best. These perfect burgers contain a 30% fat and 70% grass fed cow patty, yellow American cheese and a milk powdered, slightly toasted, sesame seed bun. To me, STKBB makes delicious burgers that I highly recommend for all ages.
– Henry C

Is it a Bird, is it a plane…no it’s a hamburger!
The exquisite aroma of hamburgers quickly filled my nose as the Grosvenor Hotel owned STKBB truck pulled up, with burger prices ranging from a brilliant $7-$24. Quick and friendly service along with quality burgers from the comfort of your car, from the STKBB truck, take-away or simply just grab a burger and enjoy it at the bar. I ate a simple but delightful Cheeseburger which left a melty, mouth watering taste in my mouth. The milk powdered bun held its form but was still soft and fluffy with every bite, sandwiching an Angus beef patty. The only let down for me; I was urging for more juice. One word “Dry”. Besides that, it was a delicious burger that was worth the money and I recommend you go out and try it yourself.
– Frankie

There’s a Bun, there’s a Patty, There’s cheese YES!!!! It’s a Burger!
I had this Amazing burger that I would love to share with Everyone. From St Kilda Burger Bar. It is truly simple to travel to STKBB  if you live around Brighton Rd and Dickens St. Once you take your first Bite you are Welcomed by the wonderful taste of the salty patty, melty cheese and delicious sauce and bread. The fillings are made by  Lieveto (makes the buns) and calendar cheese (makes the cheese) and the Pattie is made from the chest of a cow. After trying this you i’ll be back for seconds.
– Sophie E

Cheese, Beef, Tomato Sauce, and Pickles. Cheeseburger
The St Kilda Burger Bar burgers were absolutely delicious! The bread was so soft it could melt in your mouth. The beef is not juicy enough and it was too cooked. The pickles garnered an extra acid and fresh taste. The tomato sauce reliefs dehydration from the dry beef. The STKBB opens sunday – thursday, 3pm – 10pm and friday – saturday, 12pm – 12am. The cheese they use is from calendar cheese and is mostly american cheese. The bun is made using milk powder by Levito Bakery. The beef they use is 30% fat and 70% real australian beef. Their cows are grass fed.
– Mael

I ate a burger with beef, cheese, tomato sauce and milk powder bread. Was it worth my money?
I ate a burger from St Kilda burger bar today. Open all week at different times on Brighton road run by the Grosvenor. Despite hitting into a bit of gristle, the meat was very juicy, it is made of 30% fat and 70% beef. Mouth watering American cheese left a delicious flavour in my mouth. The pickles added a sweet but salty flavour. Sweet tomato sauce brought out the flavour in the meat. The Fluffy bread is made of milk powder so it holds together. Overall, I recommend it for all children of all ages because it is bursting with flavour, and it was definitely worth a visit!
– Mia G

I have high expectations for this burger.
St Kilda Burger Bar burgers are made using a milk powder bun and beef that had cured overnight in salt. This does give it a saltier flavour, but it is very hard to detect. We had the option to add pickles. With my first bite I notice that the cheese has not quite melted yet. I can taste the bun and the meat’s flavours supporting each other. But I don’t like the pickles. They are just salt and crunch, not really supporting of anything else around them. I didn’t hate this burger, but you can find better burgers elsewhere.
– Ariel

An Exquisite Burger Cooked To Perfection
The one word I can describe the burger I had was exquisite. It was full of flavour. The bun was soft and balanced really well with the perfectly cooked, nice and juicy beef patty. I think the delicious  tomato sauce added some sweetness to it and the American cheese enhanced a sharp flavour. Although I really enjoyed this burger there was still something missing. In my opinion this burger would be absolutely perfect if there was tomato, lettuce and/or onion added. I score this burger 9/10!
– Benny K

Burgers At Their Best
Today we go to St Kilda Burger Bar. The burgers of glory are located inside the GROSVENOR hotel. This  wonderful place on Brighton Rd serves all appetites such as the vegetarian, simple kids and the original and classic burger fan. The burger had a crisp patty and a perfect mix between  Cheddar and American cheese, as the topping complements all the ingredients. All of the burgers are as good as they sound, your tastebuds will surely approve! Yum…
– Lilly M

Yummy That’s One Good Fun-Guy !
I looked at the burger,my tummy begging me to take a bite I bent in and took a nibble the taste was delectable. The mushroom patty in the fun-guy is extremely juicy. The bun was soft made from lievito and the cheese was made by calendar cheese and is easy to taste. The Fun-Guy burger is five out of five in my book once you try it out I’m sure it will the some in yours. Go and try it out at st kilda burger bar because it is incredibly delicious.
– Jiya

Burgers, Burgers, Burger Bar
On the 9th of may a St kilda Burger Bar Truck came to St Kilda Primary School. I ate the vegetarian burger called Mr Fun Guy, which is a play-on the word fungus. Mr Fun Guy consists of Roasted Portobello Mushroom, wild rocket, swiss cheese and pesto all in a milk powdered bun. This gourmet dish is wonderfully presented before you. The cheese slightly melted to add a great flavour to the patty. Overall, it was a great burger and I recommend it for little kids, because it is a small and soft burger.
– Meshwa

Are you a burger Lover?
If you are a burger lover, come check out the st kilda burger bar on Brighton Rd, St Kilda East VIC 3183. Feel the excitement as the burger bar pulls over, the 70% beef and 30% fat patty stacked on top of the soft milk powdered bun, though the buns curved edges had some burns. Filling the air was the sweet tomato sauce, and a slightly greasy cheese that melts well and combines with the patty. SKBB burgers are only sold from $7 to $25. Simply enjoy eating a burger at the bar with a friend or your family.
– Jillann

Don’t judge a book burger by its cover bun
As I take a bite into, a not so good looking burger, the patty slips out of the bun onto the little box it came in. The cheese is soggy and the bun is a bit crispy because it’s burnt. Even though there was some bad, there is some good. Like (in my opinion) no mayo, perfectly cooked patty and it’s healthy because of the free range beef. All together it was a double-edged sword burger. 10 Brighton RD ST Kilda East 3183
– Eli

The cheeseburger, was it worth $10?
Everyone knows a bun without sesame seeds are the worst, it’s good thing ST Kilda Burger Bar have them. The beef is chewy, juicy and yummy but… I found a piece of bone in mine after they said they hand made it so there are no bones and gristle, THEY WERE WRONG! On top of the beef the cheese perfectly melted in my mouth adding soft texture that made up for the bone. The address to this yummy burger bar is 10 Brighton RD ST Kilda east 3183.
– Jackson

Never judge a book burger by its cover looks
The burger looked like it had been burnt and stuffed in a box: it didn’t look very appetising. But as I took a bite out the flavour exploded in my mouth. The patty tasted delicious and it warmed up my tongue. The bun was crispy on the top, but on the inside it had a nice airy texture. The letdown was that I couldn’t taste the cheese, and the actual burger wasn’t as juicy as I hoped it would be. Other than that the burger stayed intact during the meal and overall it was a burger worth spending your money on.
– Jack

I would eat it again…
It was my first time trying a burger from St Kilda Burger Bar. My mouth watered as I took my first bite, it was a juicy patty with melted cheese and a rich sauce. To top it off they had a nice milk powdered bun. Unfortunately, as I had a few bites I did realise that it was quite salty for my liking. But overall it was a tasty burger. So if you want to try a delightful burger head down to St Kilda Burger Bar, 10 Brighton Rd, St Kilda East.
– Heidi

Burger Review
Today I had a taste of the St Kilda Burger Bar ‘Mr Fun Guy’ burger.  This fantastic burgers home is 10 Brighton Rd, St Kilda East VIC 3183. This burger is for vegetarians so don’t worry veggies you won’t be leaved out! This van/truck has a friendly server, they treat everyone with respect and patience when making orders so you won’t have to deal with inpatient people. Thank you for reading my burger view I hope you go and have a try of St Kilda Burger Bar.
– Sienna

The patty sat in the box nicely, the meat had the perfect amount of salt and the cheese was delicious, but I still think they need to add some veggies because veggies are healthy. I think they need some more drinks on the menu. It’s open every day, Mon-Thu 3 – 11 PM, Friday to Saturday is 12 am – 12 pm.
– Kevin


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